BMAL 604 Quiz 2

BMAL 604 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. The Purchasing Power Parity assumes that once the foreign prices are converted to domestic currency at the exchange rate, the traded goods in the foreign country should roughly equal the price of the same basket in the domestic
  2. World Trade Organization (WTO) allows for a minimum level of property rights to provide its members with a global standard of
  3. The following are the three categories of laws that govern the conducting of business within a nation’s borders except for:
  4. Two forms of credit are associated with export financing: ( ) and (        ).
  5. Which of the following are included in the three primary types of global economic systems?
  6. The Berne Convention provides a minimum protection of property rights that are independent of the nation in which the work
  7. ( ) is the misuse of public power for private profit or political gain.
  8. The Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) program alleviates some of the costs associated with free trade in the rapidly increasing global economic
  9. ( ) protect the rights of authors in regards to literary and artistic works.
  10. ( ) is especially important for small businesses engaged in exporting, as these organizations may need government assistance in obtaining finances for export
  11. Recent ( ) industry growth reports highlight that the ( ) industry is growing at roughly three times the rate of the rest of the private
  12. Porter’s Diamond has four determinants that indicate the level of competitiveness of a national Which of the following are NOT one of the four?
  13. The ( ) entity records the purchase and sale of domestic and foreign
  14. If domestic ownership of foreign assets increases faster than foreign ownership of domestic assets, then the country has a capital account
  15. The trend of foreign companies making foreign direct investments in the S. is increasing.
  16. Ownership in foreign entities can be a complete or a controlling stake in the form of either a wholly owned subsidiary or through mergers and acquisitions of existing
  17. Recent manufacturing industry growth reports highlight that the manufacturing industry is growing at roughly three times the rate of the rest of the private
  18. At stage two in the international product life cycle, corporations are able to leverage economies of scale through investment in specialized equipment that will facilitate production processes able to make use of cheaper, low-skill labor resources abundantly available in less developed
  19. While no standard percentage of ownership exists, most nations consider the threshold for foreign direct investment to be within the range of ( )
  20. Labor and production costs are typically higher in less developed
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