PSYC 210 Quiz 5

PSYC 210 Quiz 5

  1. The occurrence of first menstruation which commonly occurs in females between the ages of 11 and 14.
  2. The prescription drugs most commonly abused by adolescents include all of the following EXCEPT:
  3. On average, early maturing girls experience more _______ outcomes while early-maturing boys experience more ______ outcomes.
  4. Identify which of the common substances used or abused by adolescents is the most dangerous in terms of brain development?
  5. Puberty begins in boys with a dramatic increase in the production of:
  6. Brain development continues in adolescence with these two important processes taking place:
  7. Griffin and Botvin found two promising directions in the prevention of substance abuse. These include positive parenting and:
  8. A sign that mature ova are available for fertilization:
  9. Over the past few months Demetrius has become increasingly argumentative, wanting to debate every decision made by his parents. Which theorist would assure his parents that this is a normal part of adolescent development?
  10. Mary and Marshall attend the same school. Their socioeconomic and family environments are similar. Mary struggles in school due to a learning disability. She works hard and has managed to stay on grade level in every subject. Marshall is an intelligent young man who does well in school but is a bit distracted by his work schedule. Which student is more likely to earn a high school diploma?
  11. One way to help reduce the high school dropout rate is to strengthen preschool programs.
  12. This theorist believed expressions of adolescent egocentrism are rooted in faulty assumptions.
  13. In the third stage of Piaget’s model, children develop an ability to simultaneously consider multiple possible outcomes.
  14. “I will not wear this to school!” exclaimed Sasha. “Everyone will laugh at me!” These statements illustrate Elkind’s concept of
  15. In adolescence, _______ becomes evident once again as individuals develop increased feelings of self-consciousness and uniqueness.
  16. When Alonzo became the target of bullying at school, he first felt angry, then betrayed when he realized a childhood friend was one of the bullies. Instead of fighting back, he acted as if nothing was wrong. This is an example of:
  17. Erikson’s fifth stage of psychosocial development is called:
  18. Overuse of media (television, social media, gaming, etc.) is linked to depression in adolescents.
  19. Gender roles are influenced by:
  20. According to the Guttmacher Institute (2016), among unmarried 15–19-year- old females, ______ had had sexual intercourse:
  21. The average age at which American adolescents first engage in sex is
  22. Adolescents who begin dating early are more likely to engage in sexual activity during high school.
  23. In 2004, Ackerman & Izard found that adolescents were ______ happy than they were prior to becoming teenagers.
  24. Adolescents with a strong attachment bond (to their parents) typically experience difficulty in establishing an independent identity.
  25. According to statistics compiled by the Guttmacher Institute (2016), in the United States approximately __________ of teen pregnancies are unplanned.
  26. Spirituality can be taught apart from religion.
  27. In 2013 Kub & Soari-Twadell wrote that adolescents who participate in religious groups were:
  28. Positive peer influence helps adolescents avoid early sexual activity.
  29. Researchers found adolescents who attended church had a lower risk of early sexual activity and better self-esteem regardless of:
  30. Adult mentors are critically important in adolescent spiritual development

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