PSYC 210 Quiz 4

PSYC 210 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. A child’s brain reaches __________% of its adult size by age six.
  2. Earaches are common in the preschool years due to:
  3. Certain processes related to _____ development might hinder a preschooler’s ability to read with ease.
  4. When caregivers exercise regularly, children are more apt to be physically fit.
  5. Most children can print their name with a crayon by age ______.
  6. The visual impairment that causes individuals to be unable to see objects or words that are far away.
  7. A general term used to describe a variety of conditions characterized by a sudden illness that has a rapid onset and short duration.
  8. Approximately ______ children in the United States have at least one chronic health problem.
  9. A child’s tendency to mentally link various experiences or events even if there is no logical reason for their association.
  10. A child’s inability to distinguish his own perspective or level of understanding from anyone else’s.
  11. In support of Vygotsky’s ideas, researchers found that ___________ increases when faced with tasks that are increasingly difficult.
  12. Sylvia is learning to knit. Her grandmother patiently demonstrates, then allows Sylvia to practice. When Sylvia cannot remember how to continue, her grandmother demonstrates the next step in the process, then guides Sylvia in performing that step. This demonstrates Vygotsky’s concept of:
  13. Piaget believed children move to this stage of cognitive development around age 7.
  14. A child’s inability to comprehend that certain operations and actions can be reversed.
  15. Vygotsky believed that ______ was the foundation of all higher cognitive processes.
  16. The worldwide increase in intelligence test scores that has occurred over a relatively short period of time is known as the:
  17. Chris wants to build a birdhouse. He understands how to choose materials and measure them, but has never used woodworking tools. His father patiently demonstrates, then allows Chris to practice. When Chris cannot remember how to proceed in the process, his father demonstrates again, then guides Chris through the process. This demonstrates Vygotsky’s concept of:
  18. Definitive research has established the fact that most children suffer absolutely no long-term negative effects when parents divorce.
  19. Sociometric status refers to one’s relationship with his or her
  20. One of the most common ways children in middle childhood describe themselves is in terms of:
  21. The stage of development identified by Erikson as the one during which children learn productive skills important to their culture.
  22. Definitive research has established the fact that outcomes related to education and social adjustment are absolutely identical for children raised by same-sex couples and those raised by their biological parents.
  23. Child abuse is more likely to occur when parents ____________.
  24. A moral person is also a spiritual person.
  25. Which type of parenting tends to produce high-achieving, self-confident children?
  26. Research indicates that children raised by their biological parents enjoy several advantages over those raised under other circumstances.
  27. Fowler proposed a theory of faith development based on the stage theories of Erikson and Piaget.
  28. According to research conducted by George Barna, ______% of people who accept Christ as Savior do so before the age of 13.
  29. Fowler’s theory has been thoroughly validated in numerous empirical studies.
  30. When considering Fowler’s Stages of Faith, one is capable of accepting both faith and doubt within this stage:

PSYC 210 Quiz 4 Liberty

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