PSYC 210 Quiz 6

PSYC 210 Quiz 6

  1. substances include all legal and illegal substances that alter experiences and change brain functioning.
  2. The use of illicit drugs is nine times higher among individuals who ______.
  3. In 1960 the average age at which a young woman gave birth for the first time was 23. In 2014 the average age was
  4. Maria attended college in Maryland, earned her Master’s degree in Florida, and accepted her first job with a firm in California. This illustrates a common trait of emerging adulthood described by Arnett as:
  5. In the United States many individuals infected with HIV (20%) are not aware that they are infected.
  6. Peak performance for activities involving power and speed is typically reached around
  7. ________ negatively affects nearly every aspect of aging and development.
  8. Men tend to ignore symptoms of depression or self-medicate using drugs and alcohol.
  9. Unlike Erikson, Arnett places the task of identity formation in emerging adulthood rather than
  10. Women are more likely than men to seek treatment for depression.
  11. The ability to efficiently manage one’s own thinking and behavior is called:
  12. Schaie’s stage theory examines how individuals use _______.
  13. Understanding that logic and/or experience may not provide definitive answers is characteristic of postformal thought.
  14. This type of thinking involves more flexibility and complex reflective thought.
  15. Schaie’s first stage of cognitive development, which takes place before adulthood, involves the process of collecting vast amounts of information. It is called:
  16. The information processing model asserts that cognition becomes more complex as the brain changes in:
  17. William Perry associated dualistic thinking with:
  18. According to Smith, some emerging adults tend to think that each person must develop his or her own concept of right and wrong. This is referred to
  19. According to Stanley, Amato & Johnson (2006) which of the following activities helped young couples increase their chances for a successful marriage:
  20. Which of the following IS NOT a stage in Super’s theory of career development?
  21. According to Sternberg, the love combination most likely to stand the test of time is one that is focused on:
  22. The ability to control emotions and behavior:
  23. When considering differences in communication styles among friends, researchers have found that _____ are more likely to discuss objects and events while _____ are more likely to discuss emotions.
  24. According to McHugh and Mayer, sexual desires may develop because of:
  25. McHugh and Mayer cite multiple studies which find a strong correlation between childhood abuse and non-heterosexual orientation and behavior.
  26. Erikson identifies the major developmental task of emerging adulthood as:
  27. Erikson’s theory indicates that individuals who have not resolved the identity crisis of adolescence will have difficulty achieving:
  28. Which of the following groups has the lowest percentage of individuals who say religion is important to them?
  29. Setran and Smith both emphasize the importance of _______ in helping emerging adults remain in the faith.
  30. Current trends indicate that emerging adulthood is a time when many individuals walk away from their faith.

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