PSYC 210 Quiz 7

PSYC 210 Quiz 7

  1. Weight-bearing exercise performed during early adulthood helps prevent _______ later in life.
  2. On average, a woman can expect to “lose” at least ______ inch(es) in height by the time she reaches age 70.
  3. We are genetically programmed by biology/genetics to age at a certain pace. This statement would be supported by this theory of aging:
  4. The number of deaths.
  5. The destructive power of free radicals is featured in this approach to aging theory:
  6. Which of the following intensifies wrinkling of the skin?
  7. COPD is most often caused by
  8. A term used to describe biological aging.
  9. Robert has performed strenuous manual labor throughout his life. His brother (Ralph) was much less active as he worked at a “desk job” (seated for most of his day). According to Moore et al. (2012), which brother is likely to live longer?
  10. Horn and Hofer refer to the ability to use knowledge, experience, vocabulary, and verbal memory as:
  11. Sternberg emphasized that ________ is vital to overall competency.
  12. Horn and Hofer refer to the ability to see relationships, use abstract reasoning, and analyze information as:
  13. The best way to judge a person’s intelligence is through administration of an IQ test.
  14. Cognitive decline can be slowed down when an individual engages in specialized traning programs. Which of these activities are typically included in these training programs?
  15. Practical intelligence may also be identified as _____.
  16. This stage of memory acts as a filter, limiting the amount of input the brain must process.
  17. The storage of motor skills or habits. These can often be retrieved without conscious effort.
  18. According to Gardner’s theory, an architect is likely to have a high degree of ________ intelligence.
  19. Job satisfaction is correlated with overall health and well-being, while lower job satisfaction is associated with:
  20. Approximately _____% of older adults will live in an institutionalized setting (such as a senior care facility).
  21. When job satisfaction relies on gaining pleasure out of one’s work, motivation is based on:
  22. Individuals willing to sacrifice their rights/feelings tend to have more success in marriage than those who do not.
  23. Individuals who attend college after age 30 often cite _________ as one of the most significant barriers to success.
  24. Only 50% of marriages in the United States will remain intact (avoiding divorce).
  25. Erikson’s stage in which people seek to resolve the crisis of __________________. The two extremes here are 1) experiencing fulfillment as they look back with satisfaction on all they have accomplished or, 2) experiencing deep disappointment due to unfulfilled goals.
  26. Having a child typically _______ marital satisfaction.
  27. Mental health benefits derived from spirituality are based solely on the support individuals receive as members of a faith community.
  28. Fowler’s theory indicates a relationship between _______ development and faith.
  29. Within the Christian faith, spirituality is based on one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.
  30. Empirical studies support the idea that spirituality has little impact overall on successful aging in later adulthood.

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