PSYC 210 Quiz 8

PSYC 210 Quiz 8 Liberty

  1. Ryan T. Anderson writes that physician assisted suicide is wrong for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
  2. Butler (2002) describes the process in which people reflect on their lives and come to accept both the negative and positive aspects as a(n):
  3. A chronic condition with distinct symptoms including persistent, intense yearning and longing for the person who died; avoidance of reminders that the person is gone; deep relentless sadness, and other adverse behaviors leading to an inability to gain satisfaction or joy through engaging in meaningful activities or relationships with significant others.
  4. Christianity teaches that “sanctity of life” takes precedence over a perceived “quality of life.”
  5. _______ is not considered part of the lifespan.
  6. In the Netherlands, euthanasia is legal for individuals suffering from:
  7. Which of the following is NOT one of the stages in the Kübler-Ross model?
  8. As of 2016, physician-assisted suicide was legal throughout all of the United States.
  9. From a Christian perspective, one important element that could be considered “missing” from the Kübler -Ross Model is:
  10. Passive euthanasia is a false distinction; it is not euthanasia at all.
  11. Greer and his colleagues interviewed women with a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. They were able to place all subjects into specific categories based on how they reacted to the diagnosis. These categories included all of the following EXCEPT:
  12. Russac, Gatliff, Reece & Spottswood found that death anxiety is highest in
  13. According to Cicirelli, young children may lack an understanding of death because adults:
  14. The irreversible cessation of breathing and blood circulation, or an irreversible cessation of brain activity, including activity in the brain stem which controls and regulates breathing, is the commonly accepted _______ standard of death.
  15. In Greer’s study of women’s reaction to their diagnosis of cancer he found that 76% of those who expressed stoic acceptance, anxious preoccupation, or helplessness/hopelessness died of cancer within
  16. A program of care geared toward making the end of life as devoid of pain, anxiety, and depression as possible.
  17. According to Mills, Reyna & Estrada, this event may cause adolescents to engage in fewer dangerous behaviors:
  18. The Kübler-Ross model describes _______ stages individuals experience when terminally ill.
  19. In the Netherlands, adults who are terminally ill may chose euthanasia, but infants, children and adolescents cannot be euthanized.
  20. When Maximus’ wife of 60 years died, he found comfort in performing simple daily tasks that had previously been his wife’s “duty” in their marriage. This is an example of:
  21. The objective acknowledgement that a loved one has died.
  22. Hospice professionals treat the whole person, providing assistance with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  23. According to Greer’s study, women with breast cancer who had this attitude had a higher survival rate.
  24. Margaret prayed, promising God that if He allowed her to live long enough to see her daughter graduate from college that she would donate half of her estate to the poor. Margaret is in the _____ stage of grief described by Kübler-Ross.
  25. In some cases, voluntary euthanasia (requiring consent of the patient) has moved to involuntary euthanasia (without the consent of the patient) in countries where it is legal.
  26. By first or second grade, most children are capable of understanding that death is irreversible.
  27. Casale, Wild & Kuo found that individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness report lower levels of pain and reduced rates of depression when _______________ is readily available.
  28. This type of grief is often experienced when the death of a loved one occurs as a result of violence rather than natural causes.
  29. An individual’s social support network can reduce levels of pain, feelings of depression, and may even improve the survival rate of the terminally ill.
  30. Physician-assisted suicide creates a number of ethical problems.

PSYC 210 Quiz 8 Liberty

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