PSYC 210 Quiz 8

PSYC 210 Quiz 8 Liberty University Answers

Set 1

  1. About one-third of older people will be frail for _____ before they die.
  2. As bones age, they
  3. Individuals classified as oldest-old are usually how old?
  4. Which of the following strategies is crucial when older people have sensory loss?
  5. The main symptom of frontal lobe dementias is
  6. Which of the following is most affected by brain shrinkage?
  7. According to a comprehensive study, factors that contribute to a long life include
  8. Elderly people’s relationships with members of younger generations
  9. The study of population numbers is called
  10. Osteoporosis not only results from primary and secondary aging, but also from too
  11. As he ages, a professional musician begins to limit his repertoire, to practice more before concerts, and to change the way he sits when he plays. He is
  12. According to the most recent DSM (DSM-5), the appropriate term for the pathological loss of brain functioning is
  13. People who live to see their 100th birthday are referred to as
  14. Which of the following statements about family caregivers of the frail elderly is true?
  15. The very ends of chromosomes in cells that may be correlated with longevity are known as
  16. Assisted living can be thought of as a combination of
  17. Which of the following is a sign of a humane setting for long-term care?
  18. One function of working memory is
  19. Joan suffered a ministroke, but the symptoms disappeared shortly thereafter and the event went unnoticed by friends and family. What is likely to happen next?
  20. Overall brain slowdown is evident in which of the following ways?
  21. Brad has added a room to his house in anticipation of his elderly parents moving in with him. As their oldest son, he feels obligated to provide care for them out of a sense of
  22. Grandparents who are active in the daily lives of their grandchildren are said to be _____ grandparents.
  23. A problem with the dependency ratio is that it
  24. According to Erikson, each new experience throughout life requires
  25. The view that elderly people need to remain active in a variety of social spheres is called

Set 2

  1. According to the Seattle Longitudinal Study, the cognitive decline of late adulthood was most evident in which of the following primary mental abilities?
  2. A challenge faced by researchers who want to see if wisdom increases with age is _____.
  3. The elderly who are dependent and most likely to have age‐related illnesses are _____.
  4. Dorothy started keeping a detailed journal that includes stories of her childhood and early adulthood. She plans to pass her journal down to her grandchildren as a family history and so that they can know her in a more intimate way. Her journal writing is a form of _____.
  5. What is one of the reasons that elder abuse is sometimes difficult to identify?
  6. ADLs are _____.
  7. Marietta babysits two days a week for her school‐age grandchildren, and regularly gives her neighbor, who can no longer drive, a ride to the grocery store and doctor appointments. She also frequently sends small amounts of money to her daughter, who has just returned to college. Which of the following statements about Marietta’s activities is NOT true?
  8. Yvette looks back at her life with pride, even though some aspects of her personal history include errors on her part. Yvette is in the stage that Erikson called _____.
  9. Carlos, who lives in Ecuador, is over 100 years old. Which of these descriptions probably belongs to him?
  10. In the U.S., which of the following is one of the IADLs?
  11. What percentage of older adults volunteer in political campaigns?
  12. The ability to hold information in memory for a moment before evaluating, calculating, and inferring its significance is known as _____.
  13. One function of working memory is _____.
  14. A family of many generations but with only a few members of each generation is called a _____ family.
  15. Grandparents who are emotionally distant but who are honored, respected, and obeyed by grandchildren are considered to have which of the following grandparenting styles?
  16. After seeing a specialist, Jack started taking a medicine for his heart that led to digestive problems. He saw a different doctor for that issue and was prescribed another drug, which led to headaches. Yet another doctor prescribed another drug for his headaches. Jack has just experienced _____.
  17. Mildred and Louis are respected and obeyed by their grandchildren, who they see on holidays a few times a year. They would be described as _____ grandparents.
  18. All of the following are true about learning late in life EXCEPT _____.
  19. According to a comprehensive study, factors that contribute to a long life include _____.
  20. With age, which of the following occurs in the brain?
  21. According to the Seattle Longitudinal Study, the five primary mental abilities _____ around age 60.
  22. The most important buffer against the loss that comes from retirement and widowhood is having _____.
  23. Individuals classified as oldest‐old are usually how old?
  24. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of typical elder volunteers?
  25. Paulo, age 62, has developed heart disease from a lifetime of smoking cigarettes. His heart disease is an example of _____.
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