EDCO 811 Quiz 4

EDCO 811 Quiz 4: From Good To Great And Dying To Self

Module 7: Week 7 – Module 8: Week 8.

  1. When dealing with medical illnesses in a couple, the therapist needs to
  2. One of the four hypothesized interventions by therapists using an ABCT model includes
  3. An intersystem approach to treating sexual disorders within couples
  4. PTSD in a marriage
  5. Inner freedom primarily develops from
  6. Borderline Personality Disorder is characterized by
  7. Sexual dysfunction in a couple’s relationship can be related to
  8. Wives often want more emotional intimacy
  9. Depression has been linked to
  10. Unconditional love and respect refers to
  11. Forgiveness
  12. Marriage
  13. One of the pitfalls in doing cognitive-behavioral work with PTSD is that
  14. Contemporary models for working with Alcohol Use Disorders include
  15. Eggerichs’ metaphors are
  16. A marriage needs
  17. Marriage
  18. In treating alcoholism with a couple
  19. Marriage vs. spiritual devotion
  20. Emotional dysregulation in Borderline Personality Disorders
  21. Hope
  22. The second stage of doing therapy when there is depression in the relationship includes
  23. When couples face medical issues in the relationship
  24. Shoulder-to-shoulder signifies
  25. Keeping peace may mean
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