EDCO 735 Final Quiz 8

EDCO 735 Final Quiz 8

Module 1: Week 1 — Module 8: Week 8.

  1. You calculate the correlation coefficient between two variables when the _____ is ______.
  2. A dichotomous variable has:
  3. Which statistic is an estimate of the magnitude of difference between the means of two groups measured in standard deviation units?
  4. The F-ratio is calculated by _______.
  5. Error variance in Y is calculated by ________.
  6. The standard deviation of z scores:
  7. Sampling error refers to:
  8. As sample size increases while all other things are constant, the confidence interval:
  9. The data screening for the between groups tests like ANOVA involves:
  10. What is a possible cause of Type I Error?
  11. The Bonferroni procedure is often not used because it is _____.
  12. A two-tailed outlier for the Z distribution must have a Z score equivalent to the:
  13. All of the following are one of the three aspects of the relationship between variables except for
  14. If the data for age ranges are coded (0-10 is 1, 11-20 is 2, 21-30 is 3, 31-40 is 4, 41-0 is 5, 51-60 is 6, 61-70 is 7, 71-80 is 8, and 80+ is 9), which of the following score value may be found in a frequency table of a sample of teenagers?
  15. What is the sequence of menu selections that is needed to produce cross- tabulations in SPSS?
  16. The must do all of the following before you interpreting your SPSS output for ANOVA is _______.
  17. What column do we use to determine if we reject the null hypothesis of the group means?
  18. If an extraneous variable is associated with the independent variable and affects the outcome of the dependent variable, it is considered a:
  19. The residual variance in X is calculated by ________.
  20. Which of the following would be considered a ‘medium’ effect size according to Cohen?
  21. A negative correlation can be described as ________.
  22. An instructor hypothesizes an inverse relationship between using laptop computers in class and paying attention in class. Which of the following supports her research hypothesis?
  23. In SPSS, the Univariate dialog box for conducting an ANOVA is more flexible than the One-Way ANOVA dialog box in all of the following except:
  24. The appropriate parametric test for a within-subject design with two groups is the:
  25. A bar chart is created for “year of college” for a sample of five freshmen, five sophomores, five juniors, and five seniors. What should the bar chart look like?
  26. How could a researcher interpret an η2 value of .35?
  27. Which of the following is not a type of ANOVA?
  28. An interaction effect is evidenced by:
  29. What does each row in the “data view” represent?
  30. Which of the following is needed to calculate confidence interval’s upper limit?
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