GLST 220 Quiz 1

GLST 220 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Match the question to the CQ capability: CQ Knowledge, CQ Drive, CQ Strategy, CQ Action
  2. Understanding intercultural norms and differences best describes
  3. Having the interest, confidence, and drive to adapt cross-culturally best describes.
  4. Almost everyone can become more culturally intelligent.
  5. What is the Sabbath set apart for?
  6. How does Vaughan Roberts define the Kingdom of God?
  7. God had always planned to send Jesus.
  8. Changing verbal and nonverbal actions appropriately when interacting cross-culturally best describes
  9. What do we learn about God in the creation story?
  10. Our primary goal in this course is to equip you to _____
  11. Which of the following is not a sub-dimension of CQ Knowledge?
  12. According to Roberts, which is more important, the spiritual world or the physical world?
  13. Which of the following is not a sub-dimension of CQ Strategy?
  14. An example of cross-cultural communication discussed in the video is:
  15. Match the part of the Grand Narrative story with its summary
  • The Partial Kingdom
  • The Perished Kingdom
  • The Pattern of the Kingdom
  • The Promised Kingdom
  • The Present Kingdom
  • The Perfected Kingdom
  • The Proclaimed Kingdom
  • The Prophesied Kingdom


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