GLST 220 Quiz 1

GLST 220 Quiz 1 Liberty University Answers

1. According to Lingenfelter and Mayer, it is because of ________________________ that we must become incarnate in the culture and thus in the lives of the people we wish to serve.
2. Scot McKnight makes that case that the apostles did not focus on the whole story of Jesus as Gospel, but instead emphasized only the crucifixion.
3. According to 2 Corinthians 3:18, we are the prime mover in the process of transformation?
4. According to Scot McKnight, “Gospel flows from Salvation.”
5. Scot McKnight would contend that the Gospel and the plan of Salvation are the same thing.
6. Incarnational Reality is about daily and relationally living out the reality that Christ is in us and is among us.
7. According to Scot McKnight, in thinking our salvation culture is identical to a gospel culture, we betray a profound lack of awareness of what gospel means and what a gospel culture might mean for our world today.
8. The presentation uses which three Biblical authors to present the case for Christosynthesis:
9. According to 2 Corinthians 3:18, our responsibility is “beholding” – staring with focus, intensity and duration at Jesus.
10. Colossians 2 is clear that submission to regulations is the best way for true transformation to occur.
11. is the conceptual design, the definitions by which people order their lives, interpret their experiences, and evaluate the behavior of others.
12. According to the presentation, which of the following is not an “almost” gospel?
13. As discussed in the presentation, the emphasis of the Gospel is:
14. As discussed in the presentation, the Gospel (Good News) is about:
15. According to the presentation, a culture that you interact with that is different than your culture is known as a:
16. The mystery Paul reveals in Colossians 1 is:
17. According to Scot McKnight, the early church called the first four books of the New Testament, the “Gospels.”
18. According to Lingenfelter and Mayer, we must enter a new community of strangers, often without many if not most of the comforts and symbols of home and begin as:
19. According the presentation, the foundation metaphor is a good way of understanding the preeminence of Jesus.
20. According to the presentation, Paul, Peter and John all confirm that real‐time exposure to the living Christ (not the memory of him or facts about him, but him) is what changes us.
21. The invitation in John 1 is to:
22. Jesus preached the gospel in the 4 gospels.
23. Lingenfelter and Mayers note that the example of Jesus provides two significant facts about the incarnation. Jesus came as:
24. Which of the following is not one of the four categories outlined by McKnight:
25. According to Scot McKnight, the Story of Jesus belongs to the Story of Israel/the Bible and only makes sense in that story. The Plan of Salvation and Method of Persuasion belong to each other. One of them is the theory and the other one the implication.

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