PSYC 101 Quiz 1

PSYC 101 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Research involves the manipulation of a variable of interest and assignment of participants to treatment conditions.
  2. The research process in psychology can be broadly divided into two major categories, which include and      .
  3. Profession is the combination of and      .
  4. is the examination of one’s own mind to inspect and report on personal thoughts or feelings about conscious experiences.
  5. A placebo control acts as a way for the research to determine how much measurable change is due to the independent variable and how much change is due to
  6. What term means the application of Biblical wisdom in specific settings for the purposes of making virtuous decisions?
  7. According to Wolters, a is “the comprehensive framework of one’s basic beliefs about things,” that “ speaks centrally to everything in our life and world, including technology and economics and science.”
  8. A is a comprehensive and integrated view of the world from a Biblical perspective.
  9. What type of facts can be determined about the way the world operates based on strongly held views often derived from experience?
  10. Which philosopher primarily discussed the need to ignore sensory information to by looking inward to understand the true nature of the soul.
  11. Which philosopher primarily studied the mind-body problem?
  12. Which of the following is NOT one of the conditions under which it is acceptable to use deception in research?
  13. During the late century and early century, medical doctors,
  14. physiologists, and researchers became increasingly interested in psychological principles.
  15. The scientific method provides a for the systematic study of behavior and mental processes.
  16. is defined as the ability of your measurement to accurately measure what it is supposed to measure.
  17. The systematic investigation of human behavior and thought can be defined as:
  18. is the consistency of your measure to produce similar results on different occasions.
  19. What is one of the essential goals of behavioral science?
  20. Structuralism can be defined as breaking down conscious experiences into each of these fundamental elements EXCEPT:
  21. In a double blind study, the participant to which group he or she has been assigned, and the researcher   to which group each participant has been assigned.
  22. What is the highest-level degree available in psychology?
  23. With positive correlations, as X , Y        .
  24. Vocation is the combination of and      .
  25. A an inert substance or object.
  26. Who is considered to be the founder of modern psychology?
  27. A is an in-depth observation of an individual, animal, event, or treatment method.
  28. Who established the brand of psychology known as structuralism?
  29. Research must be shared in such a way that the experiment or study can be .
  30. Mission is the combination of and .
  31. is the study of how the mind of an organism adapts to its current environment.
  32. With negative correlations, as X , Y        .
  33. Who developed the school of thought of functionalism?
  34. In experimental research, what is the name of the group that is exposed to the independent variable?
  35. In a single blind study, the participant to which group he or she has been assigned, and the researcher   to which group each participant has been assigned.
  36. Which two psychologists were the primarily developers of behaviorism?
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