EDCO 820 Quiz 1 Overview of Assessment

EDCO 820 Quiz Overview of Assessment with Marriage & Families

  1. In pursuit of the truth about what tears a marriage apart or binds it together, Gottman has found that much of the conventional wisdom is actually correct.
  2. Marriage is an extremely complex relationship and there is no single test that can predict its survival or dissolution with 100% accuracy.
  3. Elder’s research in looking at the families in the Great depression seems to show that a marriage’s existing strengths or weaknesses simply get amplified by ______________ crises like unemployment or money problems.
  4. Which statement is true based on Gottman’s research?
  5. Medications, when taken correctly, do not contribute to or cause psychological problems.
  6. Beginning counselors rarely seem to question their assessment skills.
  7. Working from a “systems” model means that counselors:
  8. Which choice below is NOT one of the Guiding Principles of Assessment?
  9. Applying theory to both assessment and treatment can be helpful.
  10. While assessment covers a number of psychological factors, there are three that are interrelated. Which choice below is NOT one of those three factors?
  11. Assessing for strengths is important because:
  12. A client who is involved in a religious community can find it to be an important source of social support.
  13. An instruments clinical value depends on your ability to interpret what the scores mean.
  14. Which answer below is NOT one of the factors in asking clear questions?
  15. The key advantage of ________________ is that it may more accurately reflect what an individual is thinking or feeling compared to what is being spoken.
  16. Validity is the most important factor for an assessment instrument to be psychometrically sound, rather than reliability.
  17. _________________ validity refers to how the instrument’s scores related with others measures.
  18. The value of clinical questioning depends upon the client being cooperative, insightful, and honest.
  19. Which answer below is considered to be a tool for assessment?
  20. “The instrument measuring what it is supposed to measure” refers to:
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