EDCO 820 Quiz Generational Dysfunction

EDCO 820 Quiz 7 Looking for Patterns Assessing for Generational Dysfunction

  1. Even a little bit of nondefensive listening and validation at the right times can have dramatic effects.
  2. is especially important for men who tend to respond to their wives’ upset by becoming hyperrational.
  3. Calming down is especially important for women, since they are more likely to feel physiologically overwhelmed sooner than men during a heated marital exchange.
  4. Gottman gives several strategies to help improve the ability to listen nondefensively. Which choice is NOT one of the ones given?
  5. The key, when it comes to arguments, is ____________ you argue (whether your style escalates tension or leads to feelings of resolution).
  6. Which choice below is NOT one of Gottman’s strategies for a lasting healthy marriage?
  7. is one of the most dangerous of the four horsemen because it can lead to endless spirals of negativity.
  8. It is especially common for couples to be nonspecific when talking about _____________ issues.
  9. Part of seeing the “big picture” in family counseling includes three basic assessments. Which choice below is NOT one of the three?
  10. Williams and Cushing described four “C’s” of parenting. Which choice is NOT one of them?
  11. In 1957, LeMasters claimed that ___________% of new parents go through a moderate-to-severe crisis in the transition to parenthood.
  12. In a genogram, marriages are indicated by using a ____________ line(s).
  13. Williams and Cushing explain that “charged batteries” (from their “four C’s of parenting”) means that effective parenting us difficult to do if one’s personal resources are depleted.
  14. There are three types of assessments that help us to see how a family has functioned over time and with others. Which is NOT one of the assessments Williams et al. mentions in the reading?
  15. A sociogram maps out a family’s interaction with:
  16. In a genogram, a square is used to identify a male child.
  17. A timeline offers many benefits for the counselor. Which statement below is NOT one of those benefits as stated in Williams et al.?
  18. In its simplest form, a genogram is used to identify members of a family, including gender, generation, and age.
  19. When displaying the/a __________ in a genogram, concentric circles or squares are used.
  20. It is quite normal for a family to arrive for counseling and state directly that their presenting problem is a stressful transition.
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