EDCO 820 Quiz 8 Healthy Functioning

EDCO 820 Quiz 8 Assessment and Treatment Working towards Healthy Functioning

  1. Bald frankness is a hallmark of _____________ couples, who generally value in being completely honest with each other, and don’t believe in hiding negative feelings.
  2. When “structuring your fights,” which choice is not one of the phases Gottman mentions?
  3. The foundation of a lasting marriage rests on two kinds of bedrock: agreeing with your spouse won which style for handing disagreements, and a large dose of
  4. Which choice below is one of the ways that Gottman recommends to have productive disagreements?
  5. Which choice below is one of the ways Gottman gives to “soothe your partner: repair mechanisms?”
  6. Which choice below is NOT one of the pieces of advice Gottman gives to validating couples.
  7. Validating and volatile couples tend to prefer traditional sex roles in dividing up household tasks and child-care.
  8. A helpful body of literature for understanding clients’ struggles is the research on family cohesion and joining.
  9. Sapolsky’s research suggests that humans have a unique source of stress, which is their:
  10. What items should be included in an assessment on the physical well-being of adults?
  11. Increasing social ties creates positive health outcomes such as increased immunity against illness and a sense of well-being.
  12. Self-report instruments identify only the _________, not the client’s coping style or behavioral responses.
  13. Which choice below is NOT one of the self-report instruments used to identify stressors, according to Williams, et al.?
  14. The fact that ______________ change over time does not mean that they keep changing from session to session.
  15. In general, the _____________ should be the primary authority on whether successful change has occurred.
  16. There are several good instruments available to measure client and family progress in counseling. Which choice is NOT one of those mentioned in the reading?
  17. When developing _____________ in treatment planning, it is helpful to consider the extent to which they are descriptive or casual in nature.
  18. Therapeutic goals may include interrupting a couple’s interactional cycle, reducing substance use, and increasing the number of pleasurable activities they engage in.
  19. Who recommends that clients fill out assessment instruments throughout therapy to monitor their progress, rather than only at the beginning and end of treatment.
  20. “Official” assessment of clients ends once the counselor has developed the treatment plan.
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