EDCO 820 Quiz 6 Presenting Family

EDCO 820 Quiz 6 Looking for Patterns: Assessing the Presenting Family

  1. Wives who criticize instead of complaining trigger the flooding in their husbands that leads to
  2. It is hard to respond positively to criticism, since it is a direct attack on a person’s personality.
  3. is directly corrosive if love in marriages. Volatility
  4. Mismatches in marital style open the way for the ______________ and other patterns of reactivity that can destabilize a marriage.
  5. If one partner is high on ___________ but the other is not, the probably often feel unfairly attacked.
  6. Stonewallers usually think they are being “neutral,” not negative.
  7. When distressing thoughts about a partner and the relationship become cast in stone, it can be very destructive to a marriage.
  8. is almost always a two-way street.
  9. Whether the result of divorce, death, or a choice to parent alone, single- parent families are usually headed by the father.
  10. Which choice below is NOT considered a diverse family structure by Williams et al.?
  11. When two people are experiencing conflict, distance, and anxiety, pulling in a third person in an effort to cope with relational stress and stabilize the system is called:
  12. A family’s flexibility and connectedness ideally change through the life-cycle to accommodate individual development and family transitions.
  13. refers to the family’s ability to adapt to change, which is intimately related to the family’s leadership and organization.
  14. An essential part of family assessment is looking for _______________ of interactions, which are usually repetitive and circular.
  15. Many beginning family counselors allow the clients to establish the structure of the counseling, which can be a mistake.
  16. By ______________, Williams et al. mean placing the problem in the context of the family and considering the repetitive, circular patterns of the family in its effort to cope with the problem.
  17. families have closed internal boundaries and diffuse external boundaries, which severely limit attachments and offers little protection from external intrusions and individuals/
  18. When assessing the family, it is helpful to visualize the system as a series of three basic subsystems. Which choice is NOT one of the three?
  19. The first question in beginning a family assessment is:
  20. The reading this week suggests that there are three barriers to effective family assessment. Which choice below is not one of those barriers?
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