EDCO 820 Quiz 5 Assessing Children

EDCO 820 Quiz 5 Family Components Assessing Children and Adolescents

  1. Gottman believes that the first problem for future marriages arises in preschool when boys and girls begin to play
  2. There are several ways that differences between men and women can propel a tumble down the marital rapids. Which choice below is one of those reasons?
  3. Men are by and large reluctant to dive head first into _____________ issues.
  4. Gottman believes there are two primary explanations for physiological differences between the sexes. Which one is NOT one of those explanations?
  5. When doing play therapy, the therapist must decide whether it will be:
  6. When using the “JUST PEOPLE” method of assessing children and adolescents, the “P” refers to:
  7. Which choice below is absolutely essential to get information from in order to properly assess children and adolescents?
  8. Failure to include the _______________ in the assessment of children and adolescents provides and incomplete picture and is a disservice to the youth you are treating.
  9. Which instrument below is used when assessing children and adolescents?
  10. Since so many of the skills used with adults will transfer to the assessment of children and adolescents, there are very few differences.
  11. Williams et al. give a “checklist” to keep in mind when assessing children and adolescents using the acronym:
  12. Which choice below is a very good way to draw conclusions of a child or adolescent’s family?
  13. ODD and CD are basically the same disorder, with the only difference being the age of the child/adolescent when diagnosed.
  14. Which behavior disorder is characterized by these three primary symptoms: inattention; hyperactivity; and impulsivity?
  15. Which behavior disorder is characterized by these three symptoms: stubbornness; argumentativeness; disobedience?
  16. Substance abuse is comorbid with many other child and adolescents disorders.
  17. Which behavior disorder is characterized by this symptom: little empathy/concern for the feelings, wishes, or well-being of others?
  18. There are three primary diagnoses under the broad category of behavior disorders. Which choice below is NOT one of the three?
  19. Being able to recognize DSM syndromes without becoming exclusively focused on a specific syndrome can be quite easily done.
  20. Bipolar disorder in children and teens shares the common symptoms of emotion dysregulation with anxiety disorders.
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