EDCO 820 Quiz 4 Assessing Couples

EDCO 820 Quiz 4 The Components of a Family: Assessing Couples

  1. A person hit hard by ____________ is more likely to have “innocent-victim” thoughts during fights with their spouse.
  2. Women are more prone to flooding than men because they may have more difficulty regulating their emotions.
  3. refers to the negative inner scripts that makes someone feel so overwhelmed by a partner’s negativity and their own reactions that they experience “systematic overload.”
  4. People hit hard by ____________ often have inner scripts filled with righteous indignation.
  5. Once flooding becomes rampant, a client is likely to think the worst of their spouse most of the time.
  6. For either sex if the heartrate skyrockets to 90 BPM, adrenaline is secreted in such large does that it triggers a “fight or flight” stress reaction, with intense fear or anxiety.
  7. Conducting a sexual ___________ is an important tool in evaluating sexual problems.
  8. The assessments we give to clients can often help broach difficult or embarrassing subjects with clients.
  9. The reading discusses “Six A’s for Addressing Affairs.” Which choice is NOT one of them?
  10. To effectively work with couples, the counselor must overcome any hesitation and discomfort they have in talking about sex with their clients.
  11. Trying to figure out why an affair happened is not an important part of the healing process.
  12. The nature of affairs are usually:
  13. Exploring how a couple resolves conflict is an essential part of counseling.
  14. Which answer below is an area that should be part of a relationship history?
  15. Which choice below is an area contained in the “Eight C’s for Couple Functioning Assessment” model?
  16. A couple’s _____________ refers to the expectations that a couple has for one another and the relationship.
  17. Which choice below is NOT an area contained in the “Eight C’s for Couple Functioning Assessment” model?
  18. Which area of a relationship history helps evaluate a person’s overall level of functioning?
  19. Williams, et al., suggests a battery of instruments to cover four areas of relationships/marriages. Which choice is NOT one of those four?
  20. Differences in cultural background are another powerful factor that can influence couples. Which choice below is NOT one of the reasons given in your reading?
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