EDCO 820 Quiz 3 Assessing for Problems

EDCO 820 Quiz 3 Assessing for Problems: Safety, Pathologies, and Diagnoses

  1. Once a couple has all “four horsemen” in their marriage, it is the end of the line for their relationship.
  2. Gottman believes there are “four horseman,” or warning signs for a trouble marriage. Which choice is NOT one of those signs?
  3. The “hostile/engaged” type of couple use which methods when they are arguing?
  4. While we have the responsibility to protect our clients from harming themselves, we do not have a duty to protect others who are not our clients from our clients.
  5. There seems to be three categories of those contemplating suicide. Which choice is NOT one of those according to the reading?
  6. Population-based estimates suggest that some type of violence occurs in approximately __________ % of families.
  7. Research shows that counselors asking clients about having suicidal thoughts serves as the impetus for them committing suicide.
  8. Suicide is among the leading cause of death among 15–44-year-olds.
  9. Known risk factors for those who may be contemplating suicide are:
  10. Increasing social ties creates positive health outcomes such as increased immunity against illness and a sense of well-being.
  11. Sapolsky’s research suggests that humans have a unique source of stress, which is their:
  12. What items should be included in an assessment on the physical well-being of adults?
  13. Which choice is NOT part of a typical psychosocial assessment of well-being in adults?
  14. The literature makes little to no distinction between normal stress and catastrophic stress.
  15. DSM stands for:
  16. According to the DSM, ___________ comprises signs and symptoms.
  17. Which choice is a way to assess for individual psychopathology?
  18. Marital disruption is associated with many mental health problems.
  19. According to Kessler et al., approximately __________ of the U.S. populations will have a mental disorder at some time in their lives.
  20. disorders are less common than many of the other disorders and often easier to spot because of the “positive” symptoms.
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