APOL 520 Quiz 4

APOL 520 Quiz 4 Twentieth Century Apologetics

  1. Chesterton was brought to believe in Christianity by:
  2. Whom did Karl Barth oppose on the issue of the “point of contact” between revelation and humanity?
  3. According to Chesterton, Christianity is to the world as a:
  4. Which of the following statements characterizes Plantinga’s Reformed epistemology and apologetics?
  5. According to Plantinga’s apologetic model, natural knowledge of God is arrived at:
  6. The classical method of apologetics adopts the following procedure:
  7. Chesterton’s book Orthodoxy is:
  8. Richard Swinburne’s apologetic and philosophical method is generally:
  9. According to the later Barth, apologetics is:
  10. According to C. S. Lewis, imagination is important in apologetics because:
  11. Which contemporary apologetic method denies the ability of unredeemed intellect to reason correctly about religious questions?
  12. Name two other dialectical theologians from Dulles’ list:
  13. Which of the following people belongs to the movement of “Dialectical Theology”?
  14. William Dembski supported the following:
  15. Cornelius van Til is best known for his:
  16. Which of the following methods argues that Christians are not under any epistemic obligation to supply evidence for their belief in God?
  17. On which side of the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy did Warfield and his followers land?
  18. Which of the following is not a case of a properly basic belief, according to Plantinga?
  19. What is the example C. S. Lewis uses to illustrate our common standard of behavior?
  20. The term “unapologetic theology” is credited to:
  21. According to Lewis, impulses are:
  22. In the controversy over the “point of contact,” Bultmann sides with:
  23. According to Jean-Luc Marion, metaphysical knowledge of God is:
  24. What does Plantinga call his apologetic model?
  25. Bultmann is also famous for his:
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