EDCO 820 Quiz 2 Early Stages

EDCO 820 Quiz 2 Early Stages of Assessment and Establishing Boundaries

  1. Which choice is NOT part of the pattern with volatile couples when they have a fight?
  2. One potential problematic quality of the avoidant style is that it leaves the husband and wife very unschooled in how to address conflict should they someday be forced to.
  3. Which choice is NOT part of the pattern with validating couples when they have a fight?
  4. Which choice below is NOT one of the three types of marriages that Gottman writes about in his research?
  5. To classify a marital type, Gottman looks at:
  6. Gottman identifies what type a marriage a couple has by the way they
  7. Gottman believes the “magic ratio” to be:
  8. More than any other marital type, _____________ couples tend to see themselves as equals.
  9. The balance between negativity and passion seems to be the key dynamic in what amounts to the emotional ecology of every marriage.
  10. What is covered in the initial session by the counselor?
  11. What choice below can be pointed to as a “strength” for a client?
  12. The level of ____________ that individuals are experiencing often correlates to their level of motivation.
  13. In couples counseling, it is rare that each person has a different level of commitment to the relationship.
  14. Who are the researchers who developed the “stages of change” model in 1995?
  15. Change is often anxiety-producing because clients are unsure of what it will bring.
  16. Clients will bring into counseling a variety of expectations about counseling. Which choice is NOT one of those mentioned in your reading?
  17. Assessment typically begins by the counselor asking the clients what problems are bringing them to counseling.
  18. When assessing couples, counselors will sometimes see that:
  19. Which answer below is a reason to have a “clear map of key tasks” for the initial session if the counselor can successfully “join” with the family?
  20. The initial assessment should cover:


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