TRMA 840 Integrated Trauma Powerpoint

TRMA 840 Integrated Trauma Presentation

For this assignment, there are 3 options. Choose 1 of the 3: (1) Integrated Trauma Treatment Presentation, (2) Case Presentation of an Application of an Empirically Supported Treatment, or (3) Role-Play Demonstration. If the student is a licensed mental health professional or works under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional, he/she has the opportunity to choose any of the options. If the student is not licensed as a mental health professional, he/she is limited to (1) and (3) as his/her potential projects.

(1) The Integrated Trauma Treatment Presentation involves the student putting together the empirical approaches from class with his/her current counseling theory to present his/her existing working model for treating clients with PTSD. The student must include Christian worldview aspects if these fit with his/her faith background. While the presentation may be done as a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other software, the student is encouraged to develop a narrated presentation using Microsoft Office Mix, narrated PowerPoint, YouTube video, Videoscribe, or other communication software.

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