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PSYC 640 Quiz: Organizational Behavior

Covers the Textbook and Presentation material from Module 1: Week 1 — Module 8: Week 8.

  1. Scott and Katie are both teachers at an elementary school. When disciplining students, Scott focuses on making sure that his decisions are consistent over time and based on principles such as fairness. Katie, by contrast, bases her decisions on the people involved and the unique circumstances of each situation. According to the Myers-Briggs framework, how would Scott and Katie be classified?
  2. The collaborating style of conflict management reflects a _____ concern for your own interests and a _____ concern for the interests of the other party.
  3. According to researchers, which is the least common sensory modality among American students?
  4. According to the Ohio State studies, a leader who clearly defines the leader-subordinate roles so that subordinates know what is expected of them exhibits _____ leader behavior.
  5. Making a(n) _____ rather than _____ decision is called satisficing.
  6. Which of the following poles in the Myers-Briggs framework is most closely associated with the desire to stay open to new information and options?
  7. Communication in _____ cultures is typically indirect, and a listener
  8. In characterizing managerial work, most educators and other experts find it useful to conceptualize the activities performed by managers as reflecting one or more of _____ basic functions.
  9. universal emotions are expressed in the face in exactly the same way regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, age, gender, or religion.
  10. Evaluate the following statement: It is possible for a manager’s actions to be ethical yet to go against generally accepted social norms.
  11. How many sources of organizational resistance have been identified by Daniel Katz and Robert Kahn?
  12. Evaluate the following statement: According to Graen and Dansereau, the in-group of a leader is a small group of trusted subordinates who are given more autonomy and responsibility than others.
  13. Tammy, a graphic designer for an elite studio, loves her job, wants to stay there for a long time, and speaks about her company in the rst person (“We make great designs”). Tammy has a high level of:
  14. Lenore, CEO of Mun Tops Inc., would like for her executives to get feedback on their interpersonal abilities and management styles, not just on their ability to meet performance objectives. Which appraisal system should Lenore implement?
  15. When first founding Billy’s Sub Shop, Billy analyzed the repair market in her area, determined what his company’s overarching goals should be, and outlined tactics and strategies for achieving those goals. While performing these activities, Billy was engaged in which core managerial function?
  16. According to prospect theory, people are more concerned about _____ than about
  17. Lucille gets a job as a used car salesperson. She’s extremely eager to do the job well and gets lots of support from her boss and colleagues. Unfortunately, her eagerness works against her. Customers find her enthusiasm off-putting and suspicious, and Lucille can’t close any sales. Lucille’s poor performance can be attributed to which variable in the job performance equation P = M × A × E?
  18. Skill at organizational politics is correlated with _____ stress and _____ performance.
  19. Arthur, a top manager at an accounting rm, politely asks his subordinate Andie to shred some incriminating documents. Andie, who typically follows her boss’s orders, does so. Later, she wishes that she hadn’t. Was Arthur’s request to Andie an abuse of power?
  20. Esteban runs a gas station. He knows that when he’s put candy and ramen noodles on sale in the past, profits have gone up. Following a quarter of poor profits, Esteban decides to put candy and ramen noodles on sale. Esteban’s decision is most precisely an example of:
  21. While Alderfer proposed that _____ need may motivate a person at one time, Maslow argued that _____ need may motivate a person at one time.
  22. Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s proposed continuum of leadership behavior has what relationship to the Michigan or Ohio State leadership studies?
  23. diversity, or diversity in location and culture, has a _____ impact on team performance.
  24. For multinational organizations, the _____ structure is most appropriate when the benefits of global integration are large and local differences are small.
  25. What are the two types of diversity that are important for organizational behavior?
  26. The marketing department of a video game company is in constant conflict with the programming department. The marketers want every game to have a lot of bells and whistles that can be promoted in the press, while the programmers want the games to be as streamlined as possible so that there are fewer bugs and the games can launch on time. This is an example of _____ conflict.
  27. In organizations, most situations and outcomes are contingent; that is, the precise relationship between any two variables is likely to be situational. In this context, situational means that the relationship:
  28. Celina, a software developer, used to write programs according to very specific instructions from her manager. Now that her manager trusts her more, Celina is given only high-level specifications and has freedom to design as well as write new software. Celina’s job underwent
  29. According to Hackman and Oldham, the degree to which the job gives the worker freedom, discretion, and independence in scheduling the work and determining how to do the work is called
  30. Conflicts of interest over _____ issues relate to time, money, and physical resources.
  31. Tim: “Changing an organization’s culture is like losing weight: It’s dicult and it can be done, but the effect is usually temporary. Most organizations who dramatically alter their corporate culture eventually revert to the culture they began with, just as most people who lose weight eventually gain it back.”
  32. Evaluate this statement: A manager who wants to increase efficiency might implement job rotation, a proven method of improving worker specialization.
  33. attempts to explain how people select, interpret, and change various situations.
  34. Evaluate the following exchange between Karen and Mahmoud:
  35. Karen: “Why do you have an organizational behavior flashcard for ‘self- efficacy’ and another for ‘self-esteem’? Aren’t they the same?” Mahmoud: “No, those are distinct terms.” Karen: “But don’t they both essentially boil down to believing in yourself?”
  36. Paul, a manager at a car dealership, writes a performance improvement plan for an employee who is consistently struggling to make sales. Which of the four managerial functions is Paul primarily exercising?
  37. Demographically diverse groups tend to have _____ cohesiveness and _____ conflict than homogenous ones.
  38. The behavioral approach to decision making attempts to _____ rather than
  39. According to Towler and Dipboye, which learning style would be most receptive to an explanatory PowerPoint presentation?
  40. Which of the following is a true statement regarding suboptimizing and satisficing?
  41. Moira, the hated manager of a fast food restaurant, resolves to turn things around. She calls a meeting of her staff, consults with them on how they’d like things to be different, and crafts new policies and procedures to improve her employees’ happiness and performance. Subsequently, she observes that her employees continue to fall into old patterns of behavior, such as cowering whenever Moira walks by. As Moira continually communicates with her employees about the changes, assuring them that things really are different now, she enters which stage of Lewin’s process model?
  42. An ___________ locus of control is related to passivity and learned helplessness, while an __________ locus of control has been positively related to confidence in one’s ability to successfully perform tasks.
  43. Effective project teams tend to have _____ levels of relationship conflict that _____ toward the end of the project.
  44. What term refers to the degree to which a job entails the creation of a tangible, identifiable piece of work?
  45. Accurate planning, financing, budgeting, and staffing all depend on a reasonably predictable future. The subunits most capable of coping with _____ tend to have greater power.
  46. David is a brilliant computer programmer, but he’s incredibly awkward when dealing with people. His managers know that the best way to foster David’s success is to hand him challenging programming assignments and let him stay at his computer and away from other human beings as much as possible. David’s learning style is probably that of a(n):
  47. Ethics refers to which of the following?
  48. No longer laughing at a coworker’s inappropriate jokes so that he will stop telling them is an example of what?
  49. The invention of the steam engine in 1781 by James Watt paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. Beginning in the early 1800s, inventors began finding ways to apply the steam engine to carriages, creating the first gas-powered automobiles. This application of the steam engine constituted what type of innovation?
  50. According to Locke’s goal-setting theory of motivation, what is the final stage of employee motivation?
  51. A collection of verbal and symbolic assertions that specify how and why variables are related, and the conditions under which they should and should not relate, is called a:
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