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FNLT 101 Quiz Give Grow

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FNLT 101 Quiz Owe (Debt) & Owe (Taxes)

FNLT 101 Quiz Transformed Heart, Money, and World

FNLT 101 Quiz Who Owns It?

FNLT 101 Quizzes

Quiz 1

  1. God uses money in our lives in each of the following ways except:
  2. What did Ron’s pastor friend in Kenya say was the biggest hindrance to the spread of the gospel in that part of the world?
  3. Which of the following statements does not reflect Blue’s teaching on money from Chapter 1 of Never Enough?
  4. When someone’s faith journey and money decisions become intertwined, they often find that:
  5. Which of the following statements does not reflect the teaching about wisdom in Never Enough?
  6. The issues that money creates are not just issues of the wealthy; they are issues of
  7. The Iceberg teaches the following about our finances:
  8. Blue teaches that changing the trajectory of a person’s “number story” begins with:
  9. True or False: God’s word on the topic of money is true, timeless, and transferrable.
  10. One of the most powerful things about wisdom is:

FNLT 101 Quiz Budgeting

  1. A budget is _____ your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. – John Maxwell
  2. Having a plan on paper on purpose, before the _____ begins, is a powerful habit that leads to wealth.
  3. Money is _____.
  4. Stephen Covey says that highly effective people are _____.
  5. In the Reasons Why People Don’t Budget video, Dave says the average person in America today makes about $40,000 a year according to the census bureau.
  6. Which of these is NOT listed as a common item for the envelope system:
  7. Never reward yourself if you have money in an envelope at the end of the month.
  8. “The envelope system is when you use _____ for different categories of your budget, and you keep that cash in envelopes.”
  9. Your budget is not going to work right away; it takes _____ to get it right.
  10. Fear can keep people from creating a budget.

FNLT 101 Quiz Savings

  1. Order the 7 Baby Steps
  2. “No discipline seems _____ at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11
  3. Baby step 3 is to save ____ worth of expenses.
  4. According to The Baby Steps video, _____ must become a priority.
  5. Baby step 2 is the _____ _____ .
  6. According to the textbook, “Money magazine says that _____ percent of us will have a major negative event in a given ten-year period of time.”
  7. Dave Ramsey _____ while he was in college.
  8. The Mission Statement of the Lampo Group is, The Lampo Group provides Biblically based common sense _____, which provides hope to everyone in all walks of life.
  9. You should save $2,000 for a starter emergency fund. (If making less than 20k/year you should save $1000 for a starter emergency fund.)
  10. “one who is dishonest in a very little is also _____ in much” according to Luke 16:10b
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