EDUC 815 Quiz Ethics

EDUC 815 Quiz Ethics and Overview of the Research Process

  1. Which of the following topics cannot be resolved through research?
  2. When analyzing the introduction of a mixed research study, which of the following quality criteria would you consider?
  3. When analyzing the discussion section of a qualitative research study, which of the following quality criteria would you consider?
  4. The research question for a quantitative study asks about ______.
  5. Mallory’s research question is, “Do students who participate on athletic teams in high school receive higher test grades during their sports season or during the rest of the year?”
  6. In a “grounded theory” study, ______.
  7. Why is the statement “What are the effects of extracurricular activities on cognitive development of school-age children” not a particularly good statement of a quantitative research question?
  8. In the method section of a research proposal, which of the following is/are discussed?
  9. What do action researchers call research proposals?
  10. are the main headings for a research proposal indicating which set of headings is likely to come from a good research proposal.
  11. What should be included in the “procedure” section of a study?
  12. The introduction to the research proposal should ______.
  13. Action plans include ______.
  14. The American Educational Research Association has developed principles for educational researchers. They focus on
  15. Which of the following is a type of research misconduct?
  16. Helping study participants deal with and eliminate any stress or other undesirable feelings that the study might have created is known as
  17. Informed consent can be waived if ______.
  18. Karen is planning a study where she looks at high school students’ transcripts to look at the on-time graduation rates for students from different middle schools. She will not identify either the students or middle schools by name. The IRB review of this study should be
  19. In writing her research proposal, Andrea took ideas from one of the articles she read and did not cite the author. This is an example of
  20. Which of the following best describes the age at which you should ask minors for assent?
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