EDUC 815 Quiz Proposal

EDUC 815 Quiz Proposal Introduction

  1. The most important aspect of the introduction is to ________.
  2. The introduction can contain qualitative and quantitative research articles.
  3. The APA manual has guidelines for the information required in the introduction.
  4. Which areas found in Chapter 1 of a dissertation are similar to the introduction?
  5. As long as an article is peer-reviewed, you can include it in the introduction.
  6. What is the minimal requirement for the number of sources directly related to your problem?
  7. What is the part of the introduction that convinces the reader of the importance of the study?
  8. Broad statements are needed in most parts of the introduction.
  9. Most articles for this section should be written in the past ______ years.
  10. Practitioner journals are acceptable sources to use in order to situate the research problem in the literature?


EDUC 815 Quiz: Proposal Participants and Setting

  1. Participants and setting sections are combined.
  2. You must include a rationale from a research text to support your sampling procedures.
  3. The target population is always a representative sample of the US population.
  4. When describing the setting, be sure to also describe the ___________ setting.
  5. A common characteristic that you may need to include in demographic information is
  6. In describing the sampling procedures, you need to answer the question of _________ you will go about selecting participants.
  7. The sample size must meet the minimal requirement of a _________ effect size.
  8. The minimal sample size must correspond with ______________.
  9. The ______________ population includes all potential participants in the study that share a characteristics of interest.
  10. The sample size must meet the minimal requirement of a statistical power of


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