EDUC 815 Quiz Ethics

Quiz: Ethics and Overview of the Research Process

  1. Intelligence is that which is measured by intelligence tests. This statement is an example of
  2. Studies that seek to identify the students who will drop out of high school or the students who will do well in college are examples of
  3. It is important to dehoax research participants at the end of an experiment involving deception in order to
  4. Ethical practice requires the research investigator to
  5. A pilot study of a proposed research study is desirable because
  6. Unlike the grounded theory approach, a research hypothesis in the conventional scientic method
  7. A research proposal for a dissertation study
  8. One of the main advantages of working on a team project in learning to carry out educational research is that
  9. A drawback of using secondary sources in reviews of the research literature is that
  10. Boolean operators are designed to
  11. A valid reason for using deception in some behavioral science research is that
  12. Karl Popper claimed that a theory
  13. Theories are considered small or large depending on
  14. The main function of an institutional review board is to
  15. A directional hypothesis about the relationship between the type of reading instruction and reading comprehension might be stated in terms of
  16. Studies that seek to assess how well students are mastering different curriculum subjects are examples of
  17. If a number of studies produce evidence in line with a theory and no disconrming evidence is found, the most reasonable conclusion is that
  18. Replication studies in education
  19. There is no relationship between parental use of corporal punishment and the level of school misbehavior of third grade students.”” This is an example of a”
  20. Research knowledge is different from personal knowledge in that
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