ARTS 105 Quiz 7

ARTS 105 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. One of the most influential buildings of the architect Francisco Borromini was:
  2. Which of the following was court painter to King Philip IV?
  3. The theme of the Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes comes from:
  4. Leonardo da Vinci was a skilled:
  5. The movement that divided all of Europe into Protestant and Catholic camps is called:
  6. The word renaissance means:
  7. One of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s favorite portrait painters was:
  8. The sculptor of the panel The Story of Jacob and Esau, and Donatello’s teacher, is:
  9. The Isenheim Altarpiece, with its gruesome details of Christ’s flesh wounds, originally hung in:
  10. One of the effects of the Renaissance was to change the status of artists in Europe from:
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