BIBL 472 Quiz 1,2,3

BIBL 472 Quiz 1

  1. Archaeology provides little information concerning first-century Judaism.
  2. Jerusalem fell and the temple was destroyed in
  3. An interpreter rarely brings his or her own cultural values to a text.
  4. The “pre-understanding” we bring to a text, which can distort its message, is
  5. Understanding context helps us to overcome
  6. Geography is of little relevance to the New Testament.
  7. Which Roman ruler conquered Jerusalem and appointed a high priest?
  8. Which culture did not play a role in Jewish self-understanding?
  9. Christians learn how to play their part in God’s plan by…
  10. There is little difference between marriage in the first century and the way we think about marriage today.

BIBL 472 Quiz 2

  1. The temple was an economic drain on the city of Jerusalem.
  2. The Jewish group that served as secretaries and chroniclers was known as the
  3. This Jewish festival concluded the cereal harvest and called on Israel to remember the Mosaic covenant.
  4. Most of Jesus’ ministry happened in Galilee.
  5. Who was the leader of the Sanhedrin?
  6. Barabbas, the man released during the trial of Jesus, was most similar to a modern
  7. Select members of the priesthood and leading Pharisees formed a high council known as the
  8. Where in Galilee did Jesus call “home”?
  9. What type of calendar was the basis for the Jewish festivals?
  10. The synagogue became the predominant place of worship for Jews after the Babylonian exile.

BIBL 472 Quiz 3

  1. Among the early Christians, salvation involved both a new relationship with God and a new relationship with
  2. The emotional bond experienced among brothers and sisters in God’s family is
  3. The most treacherous act of human disloyalty in an ancient family was _________.
  4. People did not convert to Christianity solely because of what the early Christians believed, but because of the way the early Christians
  5. The two types of leadership designed to be central to God’s model of the church are
  6. Husbands and wives need to “do what’s best for their family” rather than involve their local church when making major life decisions.
  7. The church family functions best when there is a single authoritarian leader in charge.
  8. The interpersonal harmony and absence of discord expected among brothers and sisters in God’s family is
  9. The New Testament church was ____________ in its social orientation.
  10. Jesus challenged His disciples to transfer their primary family allegiance from their natural family to the family of God.


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