BIBL 472 Quiz 7,8

BIBL 472 Quiz 7 

  1. What made Jesus a unique Messiah was that he encouraged his audience to follow the law rather than him.
  2. At the heart of Jesus’ teaching is his demand that people
  3. Jesus’ kingdom is unusual/surprising because it is populated by
  4. Jesus was unique in that he announced the in-breaking of God’s rule
  5. The title Messiah means
  6. What can be found at the heart of most parables?
  7. In Judaism, teaching authority (reshuth) was conveyed through a rite of ordination.
  8. Jesus’ death was a tragic accident.
  9. This title is found in Daniel 7:13 and can refer to a celestial figure.
  10. In the Old Testament, this title was used to refer to Israel’s kings and heavenly beings. 

BIBL 472 Quiz 8 

  1. The base text of the King James Version is the
  2. A “book” of folded sheets, stitched together, is a
  3. One of the most important NT manuscripts was found at a monastery at
  4. The earliest translation of the NT into another language was the Vulgate.
  5. Where in a scholarly edition of the Greek NT can one find a list of differing manuscripts?
  6. This translation style seeks to translate as much as possible word for word from the source language.
  7. This text type is worship literature that was used in the early church.
  8. The earliest canon list is the Muratorian Canon.
  9. Which council confirmed the 27 books of the NT canon in 397 AD?
  10. Which scholar laid the foundation for subsequent publications of the NT in Greek? 
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