NBST 615 Exam 4

NBST 615 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. Carson thinks that Nicodemus’ involvement in the burial of Jesus may reveal that this member of the Sanhedrin is leaving darkness and embracing light as a follower of Christ.
  2. According to Carson, the Romans play a more central role in John’s passion narrative than in the passion as told by the Synoptics.
  3. Koestenberger thinks that the material contained in John 18 and following represent eyewitness testimony as revealed in the details given.
  4. What is the watershed event in all three Synoptic Gospels?
  5. Which Gospel was written primarily to Gentiles?
  6. According to Koestenberger, the resurrection stories in John show that women as well as men are called to bear witness to the Good News they have received.
  7. Like the Synoptics, John mentions that Jesus’ legs were not broken on the cross.
  8. Peter’s threefold affirmation of his love for Jesus mirrors and offsets his threefold denial of Jesus.
  9. According to Koestenberger, a Christian is one who recognizes God’s glory “in Jesus”, including the cross.
  10. According to Koestenberger, both the Jewish and Roman trials of Jesus were highly irregular and illegal.
  11. Unlike some of the Synoptics, John’s Gospel does not mention Peter’s denial of Jesus.
  12. According to Carson, what is the most likely meaning behind Peter’s discovering the folded head covering of Jesus?
  13. According to Koestenberger, the concept of “eternal life” in John functions as an equivalent for what phrase found in the Synoptics?
  14. Carson states that John 17 should be referred to as Jesus’ “high priestly prayer” rather than as Jesus’ “parting prayer.”
  15. In keeping with the rest of John’s Gospel, the trial and crucifixion of Jesus is depicted as a tragedy in which Jesus played only a supporting role.
  16. The cry of Jesus on the cross, “It is finished,” is understood as Jesus’ acknowledgment that his mission from God has been accomplished.
  17. Carson understands Jesus’ giving of the Spirit to the disciples in John 20:22 as John’s Pentecost (and that John knows of no other Pentecost).
  18. The Gospel of John shares with Hebrews a high Christology.
  19. All three Synoptic Gospels present Jesus’ ministry in two phases.
  20. Supreme love and loyalty to Jesus is the prerequisite for significant service to the Lord according to John 21.
  21. Which Gospel groups Jesus’ teachings into five major discourses reminiscent of the five books of Moses?
  22. In chapter 21, when the disciples see Jesus on the shore, John (the beloved disciple) exhibits quick insight while Peter exhibits quick action.
  23. Carson claims that the physical ineptitude of the crowd who arrested Jesus (evidenced in their falling back from him) is most likely evidence of a great theophany being depicted.
  24. The act of Jesus in John 20:22 was Jesus’ way of commissioning them as the new messianic community.
  25. Which Old Testament book(s)does John include the most quotes from in his Gospel?
  26. According to Carson, Thomas’ confession upon seeing the resurrected Jesus in 20:28 exhibits the goal of faith as much as a high Christological confession.
  27. Which of the following Gospels begins his story with a birth narrative followed by a genealogy?
  28. John’s Gospel is more overtly theological than the Synoptics.
  29. According to Carson, Mary referring to the resurrected Jesus as “Rabboni” is the highest Christological statement in John’s Gospel.
  30. John’s Gospel presents Jesus as not merely Revealer but also as _______.
  31. According to Koestenberger, the use of two different Greek words for “love” in chapter 21 most likely represents
  32. The idea of Jesus’ “hour” represents
  33. Which view is the best interpretation of “these” in John 21:15?
  34. According to Carson, to be “sacntified” as Jesus prays in John 17 means to
  35. John is the only one who mentions that Jesus legs were not broken.
  36. What is the “Septuagint”?
  37. Peter’s return to fishing is another argument against John 20:21 being an actual impartation of the Spirit.
  38. Jesus describes his ministry to his disciples in terms of being the divine Revealer who imparts to human beings the knowledge necessary for salvation.
  39. Koestenberger believes that the expression “we know that his testimony is true” was written by Jesus’ followers.
  40. What is meant by the term “Markan priority”?
  41. 85% of John’s Gospel is unique to John.
  42. Koestenberger shows that the author of the Gospel of John is not the same person who wrote the Epistles of John.
  43. According to Carson, Jesus did not eat a Passover meal before he was crucified in the Gospel of John.
  44. Which of the following Gospels begins his story of Jesus with a genealogy followed by a birth narrative?
  45. Which of the following Gospels uses fulfillment quotations to show how Jesus’ ministry was in the line of the predictions of the Old Testament?
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