NBST 615 Exam 3

NBST 615 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Koestenberger claims that Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet should institute a sacrament of footwashing for the whole church to follow.
  2. Jesus’ “hour” refers to His____________.
  3. John’s primary emphasis is on the ontological unity of Jesus with the Father.
  4. The anointing of Jesus in John 12 is a foreshadowing of Jesus’ imminent arrest, trial, condemnation, crucifixion, and burial.
  5. Who objected to having his feet washed by Jesus?
  6. According to Koestenberger, did Jesus come to bring judgement or not?
  7. Which of the following terms best represents a proper translation of parakletos according to Koestenberger?
  8. Just as Jesus is sent by the Father, so the Spirit is sent only by the Father.
  9. The events surrounding the raising of Lazarus caused Jesus to withdraw from public view.
  10. Where is the actual farewell discourse found in John according to Koestenberger?
  11. What is not included in chapters 13-17?
  12. John 10 provides a major transition from the healing of the blind man to the next event in John’s Gospels.
  13. Name the two primary designations for the Spirit in John 14–16.
  14. What do the healings of the blind man and the lame man have in common? (Check all that apply)
  15. In the criticism of Jewish leadership in the Good Shepherd discourse, Jesus finds himself in agreement with the Qumran sectaries in at least one area.
  16. John 13-17 presents a picture of Jesus preparing his disciples for their immediate future of his suffering.
  17. Who issues the most complete christological confession in the entire Gospel?
  18. The Synoptics present Jesus as a tragic victim in his crucifixion.
  19. According to the Koestenberber, which prophets had something to say about “shepherds/shepherding”? (Check all that apply)
  20. The blind man was thrown out of the synagogue.
  21. Who are the “Greeks”?
  22. In John 13, Jesus’ being troubled in the Spirit reveals one more aspect of his divinity.
  23. Jesus as the Bread of Life has obvious connections to Moses’ miracle of manna.
  24. The material contained in chapters 13-17 is only found in John.
  25. Jesus called Himself the “Good Shepherd” making a sharp contrast between Him and_____________.
  26. While the term “Trinity” is not used, John 14 shows that a trinitarian framework is frimly in place.
  27. According to Koestenberger, Jesus both did and didn’t come to bring judgment to the world.
  28. Koestenberger claims that John agrees with the Synoptics in placing Jesus’ crucifixion on a Friday.
  29. The blind man was thrown out of the synagogue.
  30. John cast Jesus as the new Moses who institutes a new covenant with his disciples.
  31. There is a remedy for spiritual pride that claims to see while being in fact blind.
  32. John’s Gospel does not contain an account of what event found in the Synoptics?
  33. The first half of John’s Gospel presents the role of the Holy Spirit in a completely different way than the Synoptics treat the role of the Spirit.
  34. The eternal subordination of the Son is only taught in the Gospel of John.
  35. The events surrounding the raising of Lazarus caused Jesus to withdraw from public view.
  36. John explicitly refers to the last meal as a Passover.
  37. The blind man was blind because of his own sin.
  38. John’s stress on the believers’ union with Christ is similar to that found in the letters of Paul.
  39. Like the Synoptics, John presents the cross unequivocally as the place of Jesus’ glorification.
  40. John presents the unbelief of the Jews as not thwarting God’s plan but rather as fulfilling it.
  41. The Greeks who come to Jesus in John 12 never get to talk to Jesus.
  42. This Johannine sign turns out to be a highly symbolic display of Jesus’ ability to cure spiritual blindness.
  43. The only major purpose of the farewell discourse is the preparation of Jesus’ followers regarding his death.
  44. Raisings of the dead are frequent occurrences in the Gospels.
  45. John 14 promises Jesus’ disciples a mansion in heaven.
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