CCOU 301 Exam 3

CCOU 301 Exam 3 Liberty University Answers

  1. The term “impotence refers to:
  2. Which of the following is not one of the biblical doctrines to which the textbook bases its critique of child‐development theories?
  3. What are some of the reasons that a person may not come to you for help, or if they do, may not disclose fully what is happening to them?
  4. In order to encourage other people to resolve their sexual issues we should:
  5. The majority of the women reported they think about sex:
  6. To which of the 14 rules for a fair fight does this statement fall: Asking your partner to vindicate him or herself is counterproductive in fair fighting?
  7. According to Marjorie Thompson (1996), families intentionally communicate the values and vision of faith in two basic ways:
  8. All of the following are characteristics of the ________________ marriage style, common in Christian circles
  9. Anger can be a problem because
  10. Statistics show that in an average church of 200 people, how many will be alcoholic?
  11. A key aspect of behavioral “red flags” in drifting relationships is its:
  12. The marriage partner of a person who was sexually abused should:
  13. Families dealing with substance abuse should:
  14. All helpers to survivors of abuse must be familiar with and utilize the concept of:
  15. The affair kept secret from one spouse and not processed by either spouse will most likely result in
  16. David Stoop describes the following as an ‘unforgivable’ offense that we may be requested to forgive in marriage:
  17. Statistics show that what percentage of females in the US is sexually abused before the age of 18?
  18. One approach to discipline, permissive parenting, stresses that a child’s greatest need is for ______________ and
  19. A Class II affair:
  20. Neopsychoanalytic theory posits that …
  21. An example of healthy and constructive anger is:
  22. If a couple is your primary client, then secrets should be
  23. The effects of emotional abandonment include:
  24. Most of the men reported they think about sex:
  25. Which of the following is the primary reason family members fail to express their love to one another?
  26. According to the women surveyed in Secrets of Eve and the men surveyed in the Sexual Man, men and women differ in:
  27. Which of the following are seasons of parenting?
  28. The leading area of difficulty reported by the women in the Secrets of Eve study was:
  29. According to Lewis Smedes (1994) which of the following is not a principle of sexuality?
  30. Double‐binds are difficult to resolve because of
  31. Based on the work done by Anne Borrowdale (1996), which level of conflict or offense occurs when children’s basic needs are unacknowledged, overridden, or disregarded?
  32. A Class III affair is:
  33. According to the Genesis 2:24 passage, God intends for marriage to be:
  34. Delayed ejaculation can be caused by all of the following except:
  35. Disclosure should always be the goal except in the following cases:
  36. Research shows that there are two different types of leaders; Socioemotional and
  37. Multigenerational households are most common during which of the following stages?
  38. When considering the use of discipline in parenting,
  39. Breaching confidentiality is a double‐bind, but is done when
  40. What percentage of Americans will experience significant depression during the lesson of their lifetime?
  41. Depression can affect sexual intimacy by:
  42. Which one of the following is not a common accelerator of female sexual enjoyment:
  43. Which is not included as a stage of child development postulated by Freud?
  44. According to the course text,
  45. Part of the process of defining your anger is to identify the cause/source of it. One of the ways to do that is to:
  46. After an abusive incident, __________ often follows:
  47. As Christians, Scripture requires us to forgive only when the person who wronged is repentant.
  48. Which of the following may increase marital satisfaction for those who have been sexually abused?
  49. Achieving authentic sexuality depends more on…
  50. Which of the following theorists follow a cognitive model of child development?
  51. Define instrumental parenting, and briefly discuss two of the four styles of instrumental parenting.
  52. Describe Bandura’s theory (Social Learning Theory) of child development (Pg. 134 – 135)
  53. Chapter 10 discusses the three stages of family life. Choose one of the three stages and through discussion, identify both the major tasks and concerns of that stage.
  54. Balswick and Balswick provide six principles that summarize the biblical account of sexuality from creation through the restoration. Briefly, review and discuss these six principles.
  55. Identify 5 rules for a fair fight as listed in chapter 14. Provide a one sentence description of each.
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