BIBL 472 Quiz 4,5,6

BIBL 472 Quiz 4

  1. Gods in the Greco-Roman world were
  2. The “four source” hypothesis suggests that each gospel saying and story can be attributed to one of four sources.
  3. Which emperor added “son of god” to his title?
  4. Atheism was a common feature of the ancient world.
  5. What philosophical school affirmed divine providence and immanence?
  6. The credibility of the Gospels is questionable because there was a lack of eyewitnesses at the time of their composition.
  7. Those regarded as guardians and transmitters of the Jesus tradition were the
  8. The center of the early Christian mission quickly moved from Jerusalem to which city?
  9. Which gospel did Augustine and the church fathers consider to be the literary source of the Synoptics?
  10. Ancient biographies focused primarily on

BIBL 472 Quiz 5

  1. In the Old Testament, what did figs commonly symbolize?
  2. Why did Jesus have so little respect for Herod Antipas?
  3. Most calendars in antiquity had the fall of Troy as year 1.
  4. The Jewish festival being celebrated during Jesus’ death was
  5. How might Jesus have been perceived, given his rejection of many societal conventions?
  6. Jesus’ temptation evoked what OT event?
  7. The length of Jesus’ public ministry is usually determined by
  8. John the Baptist took on the role of a
  9. The city that became Jesus’ home in Galilee was
  10. Which of the Synoptic Gospels does not include a birth narrative?

BIBL 472 Quiz 6

  1. John’s Gospel is known for Jesus’ multiple ___________ statements.
  2. Galatia got its name from the number of ethnic Gauls or Celts who lived there.
  3. John arranges the Book of Signs
  4. Paul initially visited the Galatian churches on his
  5. Which theory identifies Galatia as the area of ethnic Gauls?
  6. John affirms that Jesus and the Father are
  7. Which theory identifies Galatia as a provincial region?
  8. Another name for John the evangelist is
  9. John breaks down into two “books”: the “Book of Signs” and the “Book of ______.”
  10. The Galatian church was largely comprised of
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