ARTS 361 Quiz 1

ARTS 361 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. A photographer should always use the highest ISO number possible in a given lighting condition in order to get the clearest, best possible results with the least amount of noise.
  2. The camera feature that allows the photographer to see or compose their image on the back LCD screen of the camera instead of in the viewfinder is called what?
  3. Sometimes color itself can be the subject of a successful photograph, whether it’s the vibrancy of the color of the subject, or more subtly the color of the light that is striking the subject.
  4. Which of the following tools can assist the photographer in getting a more accurate white balance for their picture if they remember to use it?
  5. Which of the following camera shutter speeds would be best to use if you were trying to freeze the motion of a basketball player going up for a slam dunk?
  6. The quality, direction and color of the light illuminating the subject of a photograph almost always has no bearing on the overall success or failure of the photograph itself. In essence, “It’s all about the subject.”
  7. Using which of the following ISO values on your camera would give the greatest amount of noise in your photos?
  8. Always shoot and record a scene in full color with the camera regardless of whether you want the final image to be in color or black and white.
  9. Which camera exposure mode is the camera in when you set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed based on the light level of the scene?
  10. The camera inherently records too much detail about a scene, flooding the viewer with too much useless information; therefore, less detail often translates into stronger, more compelling photographs.
  11. A number that describes how much magnification of the subject that a lens will employ or how much of the scene a lens takes in is called?
  12. The camera only has one eye and therefore cannot show depth within a scene. What tool or tools are at the disposal of a photographer to give the viewer the illusion of depth within a photograph?
  13. One effective way to improve your picture-making skills as a photographer is to give yourself little self-projects or assignments to fulfill that would stimulate your creativity.
  14. What is the most common width to height ratio for DSLR cameras?
  15. Which of the following lens apertures would allow the least amount of light into the camera?
  16. It is perfectly acceptable for the photographer to change the white balance of the photograph from what was truly accurately witnessed by the photographer in order to create a specific mood to the photograph.
  17. If the amount of in-camera sharpening in a photograph is set too high, it’s not the big an issue and can easily be removed later in post processing.
  18. One major decision the photographer must make is at which precise moment they want to take the picture, hence recording “the decisive moment.”
  19. Which of the following camera apertures would allow for the greatest amount of depth of field within a photograph?
  20. Noise in a digital photograph is caused by what thing(s)?
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