ARTS 361 Quiz 2

ARTS 361 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Which type of camera works best only when lighting conditions are optimal, the subjects are relatively close to the photographer and when large prints are not desired?
  2. Which type of camera allows the photographer to see a scene through the viewfinder exactly as it will appear in the final photograph, thus reducing errors in framing?
  3. What does the abbreviation DSLR stand for?
  4. On a modern digital camera, the ISO setting can be changed as often as between each picture that’s taken.
  5. The lower the total number of pixels on a particular camera’s sensor is, the larger the print that can be made from that particular camera’s picture file.
  6. What part of a camera controls the length of time the sensor/film is exposed to light?
  7. Most compact digital cameras have an image sensor that is larger than a standard 35mm film frame.
  8. An aperture setting of f8 only allows one-half the amount of light to enter the camera as an aperture setting of f11.
  9. All digital camera sensors are made up of hundreds of rows and columns of individual photo sites called “picture elements” or what?
  10. Which in-camera file format records all the visual information a camera saw and records it directly to the memory card without any in-camera processing or lossy compression?
  11. What auxiliary piece of camera equipment is needed besides a tripod in order for the photographer to use super long shutter speeds in bright daylight?
  12. What is the name of the photographic technique where the photographer (using a somewhat show shutter speed) moves the camera to track a subject in motion thereby keeping the subject relatively sharp and making the background blurred?
  13. Which control in Photoshop is responsible for increasing the vibrancy of the colorful things in a color photo?
  14. According to the textbook, when shooting several frames of a scene that will later be used to stitch together a panorama, by how much should one overlap each picture into the next?
  15. What camera accessory can be used to create photographs that look like they were taken with a plastic lens laden toy camera?
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