OBST 800 Research Paper

OBST 800 Research Paper Assignment

The research paper assignment is a demonstration of the student’s ability to engage with an Old Testament book using cognitive environment criticism. The Research Paper is an assimilation of all previous short papers together with a new section that is a minimum of 1750 words in length with 6 new scholarly resources (the student may include resources such as the course textbooks and resources used in previous papers, but he/she must also include 6 new resources). The previous short papers must be edited, updated, and corrected before assimilating them with the new section. The total length of the project should be approximately 8750-10000 words in length with no fewer than 24 scholarly resources. A final, brief section should discuss a plan for how the student would present the material of his/her paper in a Bible study setting, incorporating backgrounds material in a way that is understandable to learners. All papers must be written following the guidelines of Turabian formatting.

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