CJUS 650 Quiz 8

CJUS 650 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. Reentry is a form of supervision, like parole.
  2. Reentry refers to intervention strategies or programs.
  3. Examining public attitudes is also the same token that politicians and policymakers use to pass new legislation and to tally electoral votes.
  4. Approximately 700,000 people will leave state and federal prisons this year.
  5. Reintegration comprises the availability and use of ________________ services and the psychosocial adaptation of the ex-offender.
  6. What is the Triple R Model and how does the process begin?
  7. More than __________ of our prison and jail inmates are diagnosed with some mental health problem.
  8. _______________ is the physical resettlement and participation in the community of a former inmate.
  9. At the end of 2002, the most common education field was _________________, an academic field spawned in the 1960s to professionalize law enforcement.
  10. Why does the Second Chance Act promote research initiatives?
  11. _ is the actual intervention and treatment, guided by a thorough assessment of risks and needs, administered during incarceration.
  12. _____________ is the functional aspect, as opposed to the physical dimension, of the transition from incarceration to community.
  13. Evidence-based rehabilitation does not address the root causes of crime.
  14. provide the critical link between the prison-based rehabilitation process and the transition from incarceration to community.
  15. _______________ is the continuation of the rehabilitation process and underpins the reentry process.
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