CJUS 650 Quiz 6

CJUS 650 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. is often desired but seldom materializes because it entails crossing organizational boundaries to link offenders to treatment services in the community.
  2. The supervision officer does not merely have enforcement responsibilities but also has responsibilities to instruct and model _
  3. __________ suggests behavior in accordance with the law, as opposed to __________, which can be described as “behavior in violation of the law.”
  4. Legislators looked more favorably o programs that could generate goods and services that the states needed than on education and work programs that might reform inmates.
  5. An important part of the behavioral management model is to recognize that the key element in offender
  6. Prisoner reentry is a broad term used to refer to the transition of ex-prisoners from prison to their communities.
  7. The working relationship between officers and offenders is often the unstated component of
  8. Although researchers, scholars, and policymakers focus on the need to change current policies to reduce the use of incarceration, this is not possible until the __________ has confidence that supervision and community corrections can be effective in protecting the public.
  9. Probation supervision generally refers to people who are released from prison, but it can also refer to thos released from jail (in some communities because of legislation to abolish parole, this is called supervised release.
  10. Evaluations of drug treatment programs have consistently found that participation in such treatment reduces substance abuse and ____________.
  11. Explain the role of faith-based organizations in supporting incarcerated and paroled prisoner populations.
  12. The two key variables of successful interventions are the type of intervention and the length of time in treatment.
  13. The United States has a higher per capita incarceration rate than any other industrialized democratic nation.
  14. To be considered a Faith Based Organization, an organization must be connected with an ______________, such as an organized
  15. What does the acronym SVORI stand for and what is its purpose?
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