CJUS 650 Quiz 7

CJUS 650 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Explain the purpose of the Welfare Reform Act.
  2. Employment programs cost less per person than prison.
  3. Public safety is among the least visceral topics in politics.
  4. According to Holzer and Offner (2002), many fathers accumulate large child support arrears while in prison and are obligated to begin making payments the moment they get out regardless of their employment status.
  5. Two of the most commonly mentioned barriers to successful reentry are ________________ and
  6. Former inmates who do find work after their release usually find it through ________________.
  7. A disproportionate share of inmates has health, mental health, and substance abuse problems that greatly complicate their changes of employment.
  8. What types of occupations have state or regulatory restrictions that legally bar those with felony restriction (name at least 5).
  9. One study of female releases in Chicago found that __________ reported physical or sexual abuse by family members while growing up, and nearly half were first exposed to drug and alcohol use by
  10. Approximately a third of female inmates are serving ____________________, and they are the fastest- growing segment of the prison population.
  11. Female inmates may be seen as __________________, who have violated both gender and legal norms.
  12. imposes further residency rules on convicted sex offenders (such as not living within a certain distance of a school or park).
  13. One of the most frequently cited precursors to successful reentry and criminal distance is ____________.
  14. The work activities of the Second Chance Act bear a remarkable resemblance to the
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