WRSP 420 Final Exam

WRSP 420 Quiz Final Exam

  1. According to Tozer, It is entirely possible to have an experience with God and yet not have a saving experience with God.
  2. According to John Piper, missions is the ultimate goal of the church.
  3. Great Commission worship is
  4. A simple definition for the word praise is, “Bragging about God.”
  5. In worship, we experience the ________________ and _______________ of God.
  6. According to Tozer, worship is one of man’s reasons for existence.
  7. A great commission worshipper is a person who totally believes evangelism is a byproduct of worship.
  8. A person’s theology and philosophy may or may not affect his/her methodology.
  9. A worshiper must submit to God’s truth or he cannot worship God.
  10. A true Christ‐follower has the heart of a servant.
  11. Offering praise to God is what we do in public while worship is what we do in private.
  12. The Greek word “proskuneo” is translated in the New Testament as
  13. Formational worship shapes our calling, defines our submission, and determines our successes.
  14. If the worship we do and the evangelism we give ourselves to is biblical, it should sculpt, form, and shape us.
  15. God is in the process of changing us from old to new. This process is called
  16. According to Wheeler and Whaley, Great Commission Worship is
  17. According to Tozer, the real tragedy in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve lost the purpose of their existence.
  18. Some believers are more gifted at worship while other believers are more gifted at evangelism.
  19. Every time God reveals Himself to mankind, the immediate and most forthright result is
  20. According to Tozer, there are four ingredients of worship. They are
  21. Our relationship with God should enable us to build, shape, develop, and cultivate relationships with those around us.
  22. The Old Testament word for worship is shakhah which means to
  23. A missional worshipper daily lives out an authentic and intentional life of worship that embodies the ministry passions of Christ.
  24. According to the Bible, a local church exists to do corporately what each Christian should do individually all week.
  25. Doctrine is our belief system upon which we base our life philosophy.
  26. Worshipping saints will always engage in evangelism.
  27. Worship is the natural response to God’s revelation.
  28. A Great Commission Worshipper is something you “are,” not something you “do.”
  29. Worship involves both magnifying and multiplying.
  30. In the evangelical church, the central focal point of worship is the music that precedes the preaching.
  31. According to Tozer, God is infinitely more concerned that He has worshipers than that He has workers.
  32. Without regular times of private worship, one’s public worship will become perverted and shallow.
  33. According to Romans 12, evangelism is a spiritual gift.
  34. According to Tozer, one must understand God in order to worship God.
  35. According to James 4:6, God resists the _______________ but gives grace to the
  36. A true Christ‐follower serves because it is his/her duty.
  37. The heart of the Great Commission is worship of Jesus.
  38. A person becomes a true worshipper because he does the right acts of service.
  39. One’s theology of God shapes his/her
  40. In Mark 10:42‐45, Jesus instructs His disciples to become
  41. In the life of each believer, there are actually two kinds of callings
  42. A person’s theology will directly affect his/her philosophy of life.
  43. The believer’s general calling includes
  44. Doctrine, one’s set of beliefs, does not necessarily shape a believer’s philosophy.
  45. Formational worship is a one‐way street where the Holy Spirit nurtures, develops, and cultivates our relationship with God.
  46. Formational worship is based on theology, scripture, and philosophy.
  47. In the Old Testament, God chooses to dwell in the tabernacle and temple. In the New Testament, he chooses to dwell in
  48. One’s thinking about God as Creator, Sustainer, Ruler, and King is shaped by
  49. God has placed in each of us a call to ministry. It is the calling that gives
  50. must be the catalyst that ignites a holistic lifestyle of worship.
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