CRST 290 Quiz 6

CRST 290 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. When did carnivory (animals eating other animals) get introduced to the world?
  2. Using radioactive isotopes to date rocks is a form of ___________ time dating.
  3. When did natural biological evil get introduced to the world?
  4. Which rule in geology tells us that layered rocks were first deposited as wide, flat sheets?
  5. On which day of Creation Week were dinosaurs created?
  6. Prior to the Flood, the world’s oceans were likely:
  7. Geologists are able to directly date fossils and determine its numerical age (such as 68 million years or 150 million years).
  8. Carbon-14 has been found in which geological materials that are supposedly “too old” for carbon-14 to be there?
  9. In the Book of Ezekial, God’s curse on the king of __________, appears to extend further to apply to Satan
  10. Carbon-14 decays by half at what rate?
  11. What is the name of the continental configuration that likely existed during the Edenian Epoch.
  12. A fault or crack in the earth’s rocks is older than the rocks it breaks.
  13. The term “firmament” means that there was a canopy of water, vapor, or ice over the Earth.
  14. What rose up to water the Earth in the beginning of Genesis 2?
  15. Which child of Adam and Eve was born during the Edenian epoch?
  16. It appears that the greatest difference in the Edeneian Earth may have been the absence of geological evil.
  17. How many protons are found in a carbon atom?
  18. It appears that many of the craters on the moon occurred:
  19. According to the Bible, plants are not “alive” like animals or humans.
  20. The average lifespan of humans during the Antediluvian Epoch is about _________ years.
  21. One of the possible and unusual plant communities in the Antediluvian world was:
  22. Carbon-14 leaves your body through:
  23. Prior to the Fall, it appears that there was some kind of law in the universe for the recycling of energy.
  24. The primary purpose of clothing is to:
  25. The Second Law of Thermodynamics was introduced at the Fall.
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