CRST 290 Quiz Noah’s Flood

CRST 290 Quiz Noah’s Flood

Covers the Learn material from Module 7: Week 7.

  1. A large number of meteors struck the Moon during Noah’s Flood.
  2. Young-Earth creationists believe that speciation was uncommon in the Post-Flood Epoch.
  3. Young-age creationists would expect that fossils linking species together should be found:
  4. Which group of dinosaurs is claimed to have feathers?
  5. Dinosaurs are part of a larger group of animals called:
  6. What type of modern bird was featured in the video on dinosaurs and birds with Dr. Ross?
  7. The discovery of proteins in fossil bones is excellent evidence for that bone being only thousands of years old.
  8. According to young-Earth creation views, most fossils:
  9. The oceans of the Post-Flood Epoch started out:
  10. Peter links Jesus’ second coming to an allegorical (not historical) Noah’s Flood.
  11. What are the two sources of water mentioned in the Flood account in Genesis?
  12. The frequency and power of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions declined throughout the Post-Flood Epoch.
  13. Which of the following is NOT a way of flooding the world during Noah’s Flood?
  14. What is the 3-letter term for mobile genetic material that may have aided in post-Flood speciation?
  15. The speed at which collagen decays has been very dicult for scientists to determine.
  16. Which covenant was given to Noah to promise no future destruction of the world by a flood?
  17. Which type of crust is able to subduct (sink) into the mantle?
  18. Fossils are evidence of organisms that existed in the past.
  19. What is the name for the evolutionary method that makes tree diagrams?
  20. An animal or plant fossil that appears intermediate between two groups is called a _____________ fossil.
  21. Which of the following is NOT evidence that the continents had moved over time?
  22. The worst destruction of the Flood account (when the waters rise and all life is dying) is given in chapter 6 of Genesis.
  23. Old-age views of Earth history, such as Progressive Creation and Evolutionary Creation, connect natural disasters like earthquakes to judgement for man’s sin.
  24. Which of the following is compatible with a young age of the rock and fossil record, but dicult to reconcile with old-Earth views?
  25. Scientists in China discovered collagen protein from inside the ______ of a dinosaur.
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