CRST 290 Quiz Meaning of Genesis

CRST 290 Quiz Meaning of Genesis 1-9

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1.

  1. A condition where someone holds two contradictory views at the same time is called:
  2. Which view holds Genesis 1 speaks of 24 hour days but also arms evolutionary practices?
  3. According to the Hebrew scholar in Is Genesis History?, which other genealogies in the Bible depended on Genesis for their recording of names?
  4. Who is the host of the film Is Genesis History?
  5. The discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bone indicates that:
  6. Which view is concerned with the origins of the biblical texts?
  7. Which expert in Is Genesis History? ran a dinosaur dig in Wyoming?
  8. Robert Carter used which group of animals to show the combination of similarity and differences of parts of the different animals’ bodies?
  9. sedimentation at a dinosaur dig site.
  10. Biblical scholars developed which view of scripture in the mid- 1800s that saw the Bible as compilation or sources with numerous errors in it?
  11. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Robert Carter said that animals were created in such a way that they can adapt to their surroundings.
  12. Which expert in Is Genesis History? described the complexity of DNA in four dimensions?
  13. Jose de Acosta was a missionary and naturalist who served in which South American country?
  14. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Steven Austin pointed out that the Tower of Babel was likely located in the ancient city of Ur.
  15. Ross discussed a pattern in the fossil record that was very unexpected from an old-Earth paradigm. Which of the following was it?
  16. In discussing marriage and divorce with the Pharisees in Matthew 19, Jesus discusses which biblical couple?
  17. According to creation-based scientific studies, Neanderthals appear to be humans (descendants of Adam and Eve).
  18. According to the astronomy expert in Is Genesis History?, one way that distant starlight could reach Earth is by:
  19. Which literary term refers to the comparison of Noah to Adam?
  20. Which philosopher grouped interactions between science and religion into four categories (conflict, independence, dialogue, and synthesis)?
  21. Faced with animals in South America never seen by Europeans, Jose de Acosta reasoned that these animals migrated to South America from Noah’s ark after the Flood.
  22. Which view believes factual errors exist in the Bible?
  23. The “Adoremus” sections of The Quest were inspired by Dr. Wood listening to a Latin version of which Christmas hymn?
  24. Noah’s Flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights.
  25. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that Noah is compared to Adam?
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