CRST 290 Quiz 5

CRST 290 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. The “big hole” where the spinal cord enters the skull is called the:
  2. A belief in a historical Adam is a relatively new view developed in the Enlightenment.
  3. Which organism was used as an example of positive selection in evolution?
  4. There is a substantial shift in the types of narratives found in Genesis 1-11 from those in Genesis 12-50.
  5. The narratives of Genesis 1-11 are best understood as non-historical stories.
  6. The overall theology from Genesis to Revelation is called the:
  7. Fossils likely represent indirect family members to the species that we have alive on Earth today.
  8. The hominid fossil sight with the highest diversity of human skull shapes and forms are found:
  9. Which radiometric dating method involves the remains of once-living plants and animals?
  10. One of the statistical baraminology methods used by creationists to identify groups and examine created kinds is called:
  11. Three atoms of ____________ must fuse to form one atom of ____________.
  12. BioLogos suggests that a stylistic reading of Genesis 1 is preferred over a literal reading because:
  13. According to one of the videos of BioLogos, which of the following is/are necessary to produce the diversity of life on Earth?
  14. What origins position is advocated by BioLogos?
  15. Jesus’ statement that the mustard is the smallest of all seeds is given as an example by BioLogos of a factually incorrect statement in the Bible.
  16. In which New Testament passage is Jesus compared to Adam, as the one man whose brings life after the sin of the first man brought death?
  17. BioLogos believes that the issue of creation is not a core doctrine of the Christian faith.
  18. Does BioLogos believe that God is the Creator of our world?
  19. The presence of non-functional genes is an argument for evolution and common ancestry.
  20. The Hawaiian islands are given as an example of species that form due to:
  21. Where was the “Hobbit” fossil hominid found?
  22. An Evolutionary Creation view of origins requires:
  23. Varves are annual layers formed in:
  24. BioLogos suggests that the core doctrines of Christian faith are:
  25. According to cosmic evolutionary models, the Earth is _______________ years old.
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