WRSP 420 Discussion 1

Liberty WRSP 420 Discussion 1 Answers

In the book The Great Commission to Worship, the authors make the following statements:
“A Great Commission Worshipper is a person totally and equally committed to evangelism and worship.”

“Evangelism must be the catalyst that ignites a holistic lifestyle of worship.”

“Worship is not an event or something we do for God. It is an act of unbridled obedience even when rational explanations are hard to find.”

  1. W. Tozer similarly states:

“Adam and Eve’s unique purpose in the garden was to bring pleasure, joy and fellowship to God, which is the foundation of all genuine worship.”

“The real tragedy in the Garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve lost their purpose. They forgot who they were. They did not know where they were; they did not understand where they came from or what they were here for. They forgot the purpose of their existence.”

With these quotes in mind and based on the reading assignments and presentations in Module/Week 1, discuss and debate the question, “Which is more important, worship or evangelism? How does this question relate to man’s overall purpose on earth?” Include in your discussion the holistic purpose and passion of God.

Take your position and then defend it. Include in your discussion the 12 common misconceptions of evangelism and the 12 common misconceptions of worship. Include at least 2 citations from the Whaley and Wheeler book and 2 citations from the Tozer book.

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