EDUC 672 Quiz Field of Curriculum

EDUC 672 Quiz: The Field of Curriculum

  1. Briey describe the first 3 approaches, in your textbook, to curriculum development.
  2. How does your textbook describe the role of the school principal in regards to curriculum, and what do you think the role of the principal should be regarding curriculum?
  3. Discuss the major steps to progress towards blending curriculum theory and practice.
  4. After viewing the “The Hidden Curriculum” video presentation, what other unintended outcomes can you think of that are borne from the schooling process?
  5. What are the differences between curriculum development and curriculum design?
  6. Briey describe the last 3 approaches, your text discusses, to curriculum development.
  7. Based on the readings from your textbook, discuss the effect of testing on standards.
  8. Discuss the teacher’s role in curriculum development.
  9. Discuss the student’s role in curriculum development.
  10. Why is it so dicult to dene curriculum?
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