BIBL 314 Quiz 1

  1. Who first mentioned Job in the divine council in heaven?
  2. Who wrote the book of Job?
  3. On the day that Job learned that he lost everything, what did he NOT do?
  4. According to Walton and Longman, the book of Job argues that
  5. Which of the following details from the book of Job does NOT support the Patriarchal
  6. Period as a possible setting for the book of Job?
  7. Throughout their speeches, Job’s three friends (Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar) uphold and defend:
  8. Which of the following section(s) of Job are composed in narrative prose?
  9. The word ha-satan in Hebrew means:
  10. According to Walton and Longman, when Adam and Eve sinned, they introduced into creation a state of
  11. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Israelite thought?
  12. Who told Job, “Curse God and die”?
  13. is the defense of God’s justice in a world where suffering exists.
  14. Job was from the land of
  15. According to Walton and Longman, before God began creating in Genesis 1, the world was in a state of
  16. When Job begins to speak after losing everything, what or whom does he curse?
  17. Ha-satan did NOT take away from Job which of the following?
  18. Which of the following characters came to comfort Job?
  19. Theodicy is:
  20. Throughout his speeches, Job upholds and defends
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