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In Module/Week 8, you are required to submit a 6-chapter “manual” for worship leaders. The following are some general suggestions for the completion of this project.

This project is not exactly a research project where you search, discover, and write additional information to the course content. The purpose of this project is to consolidate the contents of the course into a logical, presentable document. Your resource materials should be your textbooks, video presentations, and other materials provided in this course. Your project should include a cover page, a table of contents, 6 chapters (2 pages per chapter), and a bibliography page for a total of 15 pages. Your project should be double-spaced and documented with footnotes, and should be in proper Turabian format. Each chapter should be no more than two pages. Your instructor is very particular about proper footnote and bibliography format, so take care to ensure they are correct.

As you prepare for your final project, create a scenario of your intended audience in your mind. For instance, suppose your intended readers are local church worship leaders who believe worship is all about the music they develop and present in their Sunday morning service. They have no understanding of life-style worship or the 5 characteristics of worship. It is your intent to enhance their understanding.

The 6 chapters are as follows:

  1. Overview or introduction (this is where you state your reason for writing, purpose, etc.)
  2. Formation Worship
  3. Transformational Worship
  4. Relational Worship
  5. Missional Worship
  6. Reproducible Worship

Your project should be a logical presentation of what you have learned over the previous 7 weeks.

Finally, the paper need not be written in a formal third person manner, but in first person and in a conversational manner. However, be clear, concise, and to the point. Feel free to be creative.


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