HIEU 425 Quiz 2

HIEU 425 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. The underlying issue of the controversy over “voting by head” was the question: Would France become a nation of equal citizens or divided into groups with differing privileges and rights?
  2. The extravagant expenses of the court at Versailles and of Marie Antoinette did not match the military budget, yet generated much resentment among the French populace because it was the most visible example of royal profligacy.
  3. Calonne’s successor, Brienne, tried to have the parlements abolished. Why was this a significant event?
  4. Due to the prominent role played by aristocrats in the movement, the Enlightenment did not lead to significant questioning of the social and political order.
  5. The pamphlet, What is the Third Estate? by the abbé Sieyès put forth the radical proposition that the Third Estate was the true French nation and could thus disregard the privileged orders.
  6. What was significant about the 1775 pamphlet, Anecdotes on the Countess du Barry?
  7. After the fall of the Bastille, what happened throughout the rest of France?
  8. In “Calonne, ‘Programs of Reform,’ Address to the Assembly of Notables” (1787), what controversial measure did the finance minister propose?
  9. In his address on 23 June 1789, Louis XVI acknowledged the right of the Third Estate to call itself the “National Assembly.”
  10. What was important about the First Partition of Poland (1772) and the Dutch Crisis of 1787?
  11. Which of the following statements most accurately describes Louis XVI?
  12. Calonne’s most consequential recommendation for reform was to:
  13. Which of the following is NOT true of the marriage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette?
  14. The most important trigger of the events leading to the French Revolution was the looming insolvency of the government by late 1786.
  15. What were some of the contentious issues involving the convening of the Estates-General?
  16. What was significant about the killing of the Bastille’s commandant, de Launay, and other soldiers posted there?
  17. In “Louis XV Asks the Parlements to Desist (1770),” the king asserted his authority to implement his decrees based on divine right.
  18. The catastrophic hail storm of July 1788 damaged grain crops and sent bread prices soaring, part of a broader economic and social crisis intensifying the crisis as the elections for the Estates-General proceeded.
  19. Among the deputies of the Estates-General were men who called themselves “Patriots.” Their demands included all of the following EXCEPT:
  20. The primary reason the Paris mob stormed the Bastille was to free the political prisoners confined there.
  21. Over the next three years after his appointment as finance minister in 1783, Calonne tried to manage the country’s finances without major reforms, but had to take risky gambles which increased the debt.
  22. During the deliberations of the Estates-General, what was the situation in Paris?
  23. What were the cahiers de doléance?
  24. The “Tennis Court Oath” was significant because it marked the king’s willingness to submit to the will of the new “National Assembly.”
  25. The Assembly of Notables was quite cooperative with Calonne and his proposals.
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