SUBS 609 Exam 5

SUBS 609 Exam 5 Liberty University

  1. Any church that has ceased to treat homosexuality as a violation to the biblical norm is standing against the witness of Scripture.
  2. The New Testament teaching concerning homosexuality is inconsistent with the Old Testament teachings.
  3. Most people who experience same-sex attraction do not choose to feel the attraction they feel, but they can choose whether or not to act on their attractions.
  4. According to Dr. Jones, Christians should rely on the findings of science when forming their opinions about homosexuality because the Bible is unclear about the issues at hand today.
  5. The attitude and involvement of the “innocent” spouse greatly impacts the ability of the “guilty” spouse to recover and find healing from his or her sexual sin.
  6. For homosexuals, sanctification means giving up all of their pleasures in this world to receive the reward of living right in the world to come.
  7. Simply because a person experiences same-sex attraction, it does not mean that person is gay.
  8. The long-term risks of STDs are decreasing because cures for most bacterial and viral STDs now exist.
  9. If you cannot love sex offenders as persons who are valuable to God, he/she should not be involved in treating them.
  10. Currently in the United States, HIV is spreading the most through
  11. Only 2% of abortions that occur are considered __________________, meaning abortion is primarily used as a form of birth control.
  12. The most common viral STD in the US is
  13. When a counselor determines that a sex offender is likely to victimize other people, it is necessary to break confidentiality in order to protect other potential victims.
  14. Honesty and remorse are essential to healing and recovery from sexual addiction.
  15. According to Dr. Hager, the best method for preventing STDs among young people is
  16. When someone demonstrates grace to those who are hurting and struggling with sexual sin, he/she is
  17. According to Dr. Jones, our best conclusion from several scientific studies concerning the prevalence of homosexual orientation indicates that ______ of males are homosexuals.
  18. Victims of PAS tend to be younger mothers who have been coerced into abortion and often suffer from anxiety, guilt, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.
  19. According to Dr. Laaser, it is essential for both spouses to be connected in an honest fellowship or community of other people who have experienced similar addictions and difficulties in order for the healing treatment to be effective.
  20. Teens who are sexually active experience greater dissatisfaction in their relationships.
  21. When sex addicts meet the person they want to marry, their sexual addiction goes away; they stop lusting, fantasizing and lose their desire for pornography.
  22. One-fourth of all STD cases contracted annually are among teenagers.
  23. Whether or not homosexuality is a mental disease or abnormality refers to
  24. According to Dr. Earle, where do most sex offenders or victims first go when seeking help?
  25. Which of the following is not one of the four major reactions to a person’s environment that Dr. Yarhouse indicates he encourages his clients to identify and monitor?
  26. Which of the following is a consequence of sexual activity outside of marriage?
  27. According to Dr. Jones, what is the opposite of homosexuality?
  28. According to the biblical view, life begins at conception.
  29. The abortion procedure that is essentially an early C-Section after which the baby is discarded is known as
  30. One of the lessons that came out of Dr. Laaser and his wife’s story is that people can find healing from sexual addictions, but they can never be as intimate in marriage after they have broken their spouse’s trust.
  31. When counseling sex offenders, Dr. Earle recommends establishing professional boundaries such as
  32. Part of planning one’s environment involves identifying and avoiding places that are homosexually stimulating in order to overcome same-sex attraction.
  33. Sharing childhood backgrounds and family systems helps couples increase intimacy.
  34. As seen in Dr. Laaser and his wife’s story, sexual unfaithfulness or addiction outside of marriage always results from a poor sexual experience inside the marriage.
  35. The possible causes of homosexuality refers to
  36. The abortion procedure that removes the mother’s amniotic fluid and replaces it with a salt solution that literally burns the baby alive is known as
  37. The emotional journey that affects mothers after abortion is known as
  38. Whether or not homosexuality is common within the general society refers to
  39. People who are against abortion and view it as the taking of a human life are known as
  40. Because homosexuality is viewed as a scientific mental illness, it should not be regarded as immoral behavior.
  41. According to Dr. Earle and the words of the apostle Paul, most sex offenders do not begin with a desire to hurt or victimize others.
  42. Victim therapy usually involves a sex offender listening to the pain he/she caused the actual victim that was offended by getting them together in the same room for therapy.
  43. Besides the tragedy of the actual sex offense that occurs within the church, perhaps the greatest problem concerning sex offenses in the church is the lack of training among clergy and lay leaders to appropriately deal with such issues.
  44. One of the greatest needs of a person who desires to faithfully overcome same-sex attraction is accountability.
  45. Which intervention strategy involves specifying particular activities that a past sex offender can or cannot participate in within the church?
  46. Girls who date older guys are at a greater risk for sexual activity and STDs.
  47. The decision of Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion in all 50 states in 1973.
  48. Approximately how many abortions occur each year?
  49. Which of the following are activities that involve practicing sanctification?
  50. What is the first stage of developing a homosexual identity according to Yarhouse’s  model?
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