SUBS 607 Test 1

SUBS 607 Test 1 Liberty University

  1. According to the presenters, treatment needs to be readily available in order to be effective.
  2. The spiritual model of treatment focuses on _____________ to and help from a higher power and a spiritual journey toward recovery.
  3. Medical detoxification requires individuals to stop all addictive drugs by themselves
  4. According to the presenters, treatment must be voluntary in order to be effective.
  5. According to the presenters, one strength of the medical disease model is that there is the potential for denial of personal responsibility.
  6. One key principle of the community-based model of principle is that no __________ is appropriate for all individuals.
  7. Which of the following is not a component of the detox model of treatment process?
  8. According to the presenters, __________________ is an important element of treatment.
  9. According to the presenters, detoxification is the ________________ of treatment.
  10. The belief that addiction is a “unitary, primary, and progressive condition over which afflicted persons do not have control” is held by the
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